Keeping On Keeping On

Don’t mind me, just in the middle of the TWW, trying to simultaneously convince myself I am and am not pregnant. I’m a little gassy; I must be pregnant! I’m tired in the evenings; I must be pregnant!

My extended family is mourning the death of my sister-in-law, M’s, niece. She was 11 years old and has been fighting an inoperable brain tumor for a year. Her mom had been mostly out of the picture so she and her (twin) sister lived with my brother’s in-laws and spent many weekends and family gatherings with my brother and sister-in-law. It wasn’t unexpected but it is still a difficult situation to live through.

I am putting some effort into very casual meal planning. Whenever I run out of meal ideas and the pantry is getting empty, I sit down with my recipe box of family-approved foods, my Pinterest boards, and cookbooks. I sort through the ingredients I have on hand, figure out what recipes fit those the closest, and make a grocery list of anything I’ll need to pick up. Last time I did this, I came up with 10 dinner sized meals, which will last us at least two weeks.

I don’t assign meals to days but try to get a variety of different preparations (crock pot, oven, quick skillet meal) so I can pick the method that works best on a particular day. Being able to work off this list had greatly reduced my stress level in the afternoon when Ben is hungry and clingy and my brain is already fried plus I’ve made more new recipes in the last few weeks than I have in a long time. My favorite was tonight’s dinner of Chicken Pozole, a meal I had several times when I lived Mexico in college. You should try it!


2 thoughts on “Keeping On Keeping On

  1. Can I just say how I love to read your posts… I feel like a normal human… I almost look daily to see if you’ve posted anything in anticipation…

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