CD16 + Clomid Works

I had a positive ovulation test this morning so the hot flashes and mood swings were not for nothing! I ovulated a day earlier than I expected but I’ve learned time and time again that I know very little about my very complex reproductive system. I’m thrilled we can TTC this month instead of waiting another 30 days and starting over with Provera.

As a way of encouragement, I thought I’d share a very short version of my friend C’s story. C and I lived together for a year in college but didn’t share the same group of friends so we weren’t very close. She got married 3 or 4 years ago and moved out of state immediately. I happened to run into her at a restaurant we don’t typically go to (we had a gift card from Christmas) about 2 years ago, right before I got pregnant with Ben. She asked about kids and having just decided that I needed to be honest with people I felt comfortable with, I gave her the short and sweet version (2+ years of TTC, 1 miscarriage, trying new meds, hoping to get the right dosage). She told me that she and her husband were also TTC but having very little luck as well. We’ve kept in touch off and on since then and I was thrilled when she announced that they were pregnant! They tried 3 months of Clomid, had 3 failed IUIs before she went in for laparoscopic surgery and was diagnosed with endometriosis. Their daughter was born last week!


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