CD14 + Sick Days

Ben is sick, I am sick, and B has finally succumbed to this evil virus. Ben started off with croup and a runny nose but that was taken care of last Monday when we went to the pediatrician. Apparently, I had croup often as a small child and these days a single dose of steroids for more serious cases will cut recovery time down significantly. My mom was pretty jealous that I didn’t have to spend days giving Ben steam treatments but also happy her boy was feeling better quickly. The steroid is a single dose oral steroid that relieves the swelling of the airway so the child doesn’t have the hoarse, squeaky cough. All that is left is a normal cold and we can deal with that. Ben’s nose is still a bit runny and his cough is awful but its a productive cough instead of the tight, croup cough. B and I are both in the cough stage too so hopefully the whole family will be healthy soon.

TTC while sick wasn’t my dream for this first cycle but I know better then to complain. We’ve found a treatment that works for us AND gets results. There are too many people out there that haven’t even gotten as far as we have. Living with infertility has sucked so much in so many ways but it has made me a better, more supportive friend to several women who also struggle with getting pregnant. I still don’t like it but I can see the blessings that I’ve been able to share. It makes everything a little more worth it.

I’m just starting to feel alive again and am trying to get my house back in shape. B and his dad built new storage shelves in our basement the weekend after Christmas so putting away the tree and decorations is more fun and definitely easier. I want to go through the boxes of “treasures” I put into storage when I moved out of my parents house at 18 and purge. I have so many porcelain dolls, toys, and trinkets that need to be donated. I’ll keep the most cherished but since I barely ever look at the boxes, it doesn’t seem worth keeping the stuff inside them. My dream is to get our storage needs down to only the things that fit on the shelves by the time we have another kid to add to the mess. I know, crazy dreams, right? I should probably reign myself in a bit!

Does anyone else feel the January organizing itch? I’ve got it bad this year!


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