And, Action!

Today marks the 6 week point post-D&C. I have been feeling great and cheated slightly by starting Provera Monday evening instead of waiting another 36 hours. If last time is any indication, my cycle should start early next week and I can take Clomid again. I’m mentally and emotionally ready to move forward so I’m thrilled that the waiting period is over.

I’m sleeping through the night for the first time since I was pregnant with Ben so most days I wake up feeling rested. My housework is under control and I’ve successfully moved Ben into a one-nap-a-day schedule. Christmas presents are bought and since it is B’s job is to wrap everything, I’m done for now. I’ve been cooking regularly again and am motivated to work on some of the smaller home repair/improvement projects we’ve been putting off. I think I’m through the post-miscarriage depressive slump I was in. That isn’t to say that I don’t mourn our baby girl or wish things were different but, for the most part, the memory and pressure of the loss isn’t affecting my daily life like it was. I can function as close to normal as possible while TTC.

This cycle, if the Clomid is successful, will be about a week behind the cycle when Ben was conceived, putting a due date at the very end of September or early October, depending on when I ovulate. I ovulated on CD17 for both of my previous Clomid-helped pregnancies so I’m expecting that to be close to the same this time.

Folks, I am so excited to try again!


4 thoughts on “And, Action!

  1. I’ll say some prayers for you!! I hope things work quickly for you. And I am SO jealous you are getting sleep and have a clean home that’s all ready for Christmas. So, so jealous.
    On a funny note:
    I told My husband tonight a year ago we conceived our little boy… He said we should maybe not have sex tonight 🙂 if it was only that easy, eh??

    • If only we could just pick a month like many and get pregnant! Don’t you love hearing “just have a lot of sex, it will happen?”
      I’m a bit jealous of your itty bitty baby! Mine thinks he is a big boy and doesn’t need snuggles anymore. This mama is sad!

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