Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting

I had forgotten how much the waiting period between a miscarriage and when it is healthy and safe to try again can chafe. I’ve gotten into the habit of thinking of time in cycles or weeks but this is neither (unless I want to count down until 6 weeks post-surgery).

I called hospital billing on Monday and received an itemized statement Thursday. Most of the out of pocket costs stem from two charges of 15 minutes each with some unsolvable clue of a billing code. They are willing and able to give us a discount though since we don’t get any assistance from the insurance company, which is a relief but I’m waiting on clarification of what that will be. We’re waiting on this too since there is nothing else we can do before the hospital processes all of its paperwork.

B agreed that we don’t have to go to his extended family Christmas party that I was dreading. I don’t want to have to answer questions or be around people that would definitely remind me of what could have been. My emotions aside, there are other reasons I didn’t want to make the drive. B’s aunt’s house is 2 1/2 hours from our house, expected to be driven on Christmas morning. Christmas is on Wednesday this year and B only gets that day off. We wouldn’t be able to spend the night like we usually do so we’d spend 5 hours of B’s only day off in the car. That is too much for me and definitely too much for Ben. B let the family know yesterday so we’re off the hook for that one. I am so relieved! We’re hustling to finish our gifts for that side of the family so we can send them along with my in-laws whenever we see them next. I am definitely looking forward to spending Christmas Day with my parents and siblings in the morning and my boys in the afternoon.

What is going on with you all? Any exciting new happenings or are you stuck waiting like I am?


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