I’m Getting a Little Tired of This

I got a notice from my insurance company last night that we had new claims activity available to view on their website. Being curious, I logged in and found a $3300 bill for me for miscellaneous services and materials not covered by insurance at a in-network hospital!

Apparently, individual service providers within the hospital can choose to not participate with an insurance plan and ultimately the patient gets screwed over because the freaking hospital pharmacy doesn’t accept their insurance. Where else would they get their IV medications?!

I’m frustrated, disheartened, and angry, although less angry than last night. My plan is to call the hospital billing department the next time they are open and ask for an itemized bill and about any reductions they can make since I’m paying out of pocket or, at the very least, a cash discount. My biggest fear is that because I’m given the option to pay the bill on the insurance site that they somehow paid up front and now I’d be negotiating with them, which is much less likely to happen.

I hope this is quicker and easier to resolve than I think because this means all sorta of hoops to jump through in the future too. My OB only delivers at this particular hospital and I can’t imagine any other area hospital would be any better. If I don’t want to use this hospital, I will have to switch OB practices and you know how I feel about that. I’m worried about what this means for future L&D experiences. Will my epi not be covered next time? Will I be paying out of pocket for nursing staff? I was in the hospital for a total of 4 hours for this outpatient procedure. I can’t imagine what could happen with a 2 day admission or emergency c-section!


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