Results and an Answer

I got a phone call yesterday from my OB. No, not his office but the actual doctor. Apparently doctors make the phone calls when there is bad news to share except in our situation, almost any news is good news.

The OB called to tell me that he got the results of the Maternit21 blood test he had drawn while I was at the hospital last Wednesday. The test scans for chromosomal abnormalities, is incredibly accurate, and could possibly tell us why I lost the baby. I don’t know any women who have lost babies who haven’t wanted to know why and I was definitely wondering (obsessing) about it.

The results said that the baby was missing the second sex chromosome so instead of having an XX or XY pair, the baby only had an X. He explained that most babies with this condition are either miscarried or a stillbirth (I can’t explain how glad I am that it didn’t go as far as a stillbirth) and very, very few make it to full term. This isn’t something that B or I contributed to and was a completely random occurrence. I can stop worrying that something I did/ate/medicated with harmed the baby in any way. The likelihood of this happening with subsequent pregnancies is very small.
I was honestly surprised that the test showed any results at all, much less was able to pin down the probable cause. Both of us were expecting a dead end. It isn’t great news that there was something seriously wrong with the baby but it is a relief to get closure and know that it’s not something we will be dealing with during my next pregnancy. I could start obsessing over why we had to draw the short stick of the fertility lottery yet again but there is nothing productive that can come from going down that road.

I am thankful for the decisions we’ve made to have the surgery and the extra blood test to get this answer. I am thankful that the OB’s nurse (who called me 20 minutes after he did to make sure I was ok- I love my office!) reported that “he,” either the doctor or the lab rep, stated that the test wouldn’t cost us more than $200 out of pocket, regardless if our insurance covers it (it doesn’t). I am thankful for our healthy, loving, and funny toddler. I am thankful for friends and family who are concerned for us and are walking with us through this struggle. I am deeply thankful for answers so I can absolve myself from any blame and we can move on (soon hopefully) to try for another baby.


6 thoughts on “Results and an Answer

    • Thanks! I’m surprised how relieved I feel by at least knowing. I haven’t had any IF testing done ever so I couldn’t help but feel like there’s something wrong with me that we don’t know about yet.

  1. My daughter was born with ‘defects’ as the doctors so tactfully call them… Even while she is immensely happy and incredibly intelligent I do at times still question if it was ‘my fault’… We’ve been to geneticists and all they told me was if we ever have other children, have more folate in your diet…

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