Sometimes Things Don’t Go as Expected

The OB’s office called me back this morning and we scheduled a time for me to come in during the early afternoon for the nurse to scan again and this time the doctor was available for an ultrasound if necessary.

The nurse listened with the doppler, the doctor listened with the doppler and they still didn’t find anything.

One short wait that felt terribly long later and the ultrasound showed the baby but no heartbeat. Baby 2 measured right around 9 weeks so something happened a week ago and I had no clue. I haven’t had any cramps since 5 weeks or spotting at all this pregnancy.

We’re still in shock and are mourning our little bean. Part of me can’t believe that we’re going through this again! Why me? What is wrong with me that my body can’t grow a baby?!

We have to decide what to do next, either wait for a natural miscarriage or schedule a d&c. I’ve been through a natural miscarriage and it’s not something I’d like to repeat. I’m starting to think it will be worth paying the ridiculous copay to be put under and not have that memory this time around. Either way, we’re waiting over the weekend because there’s nothing that can be done until Monday.


6 thoughts on “Sometimes Things Don’t Go as Expected

  1. I’m so sorry… I’ve had a D&C and I’ve had 2 natural miscarriages. The D&C wasn’t (for me anyway) physically painful, but there is just something about going in pregnant and coming out so empty. 😦 It is so sudden.. but I’m glad I did it because then I didn’t have to wait around (stuck) in the ‘between’. I’m so sorry of your loss… Thinking of you.

    • It’s that stuck feeling that we’re experiencing now. Both of my miscarriages have happened on Friday so there is very little to be done until the next week starts. My plan is to call first thing Monday morning and schedule but if I miscarry before then, that was how it was supposed to happen. I really hope it doesn’t though!

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