9 Weeks

Baby 2 is the size of a cherry and no longer has a tail. He/she has traded the tail in for heart chambers, functioning nerves and organs and a sweet little face.


Baby 2 enjoys swimming, long rests on the couch, and making mom throw up everything she eats, ever. This has not been a good week for my digestive system! Between nausea, tossing cookies, and gas pain, I’ve been a ball of misery. To be sure, I am very glad that my pregnancy flu has gotten worse because that also means my progesterone levels are rising like they’re supposed to.

My OB doesn’t do a 12 week ultrasound like so many other practices but I think I’ll ask for one anyway so the question of multiples will finally be answered. I meet with the nurse for my preliminary appointment next week Thursday and am hoping I can coax her into doing a heartbeat scan. We’ll see how persuasive I can be!


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