8 Weeks

8 weeks! It’s already been a month since we found out Baby 2 is on its way.


Baby 2 is the size of a cute grape who is looking less and less like a tadpole every day. Baby Grape has fingers and toes and breathing tubes and eyelids. It’s hard to believe that at this point with Ben, I had already seen the doc and had an ultrasound whereas now, I have several more weeks to wait. Part of me is afraid of waiting for the ultrasound and 10 week doppler scan because what if something is already wrong?! I have to remind myself to breathe and relax because everything seems to be going textbook perfect so far.

I constantly feel nauseated and have had trouble eating and keeping things down this past week. The only things that have tasted good enough to not upset my stomach were Mrs Grass’ chicken flavored noodle soup with egg dumplings, popcorn, and a black bean quesadilla. I haven’t been able to drink much either but am working on that.

I’m fairly certain my milk production has dropped significantly due to my decreased water intake. Ben isn’t suffering so much as just frustrated he can’t have as much milk as he used to drink. He has started biting me after nursing for a while and I think he’s trying to tell me there is nothing left for him. I’m getting ready to be done nursing him though, as much as we’ve both enjoyed it. Trying to sustain both Ben and Baby 2 has caused me to drop a bit of weight already so I’m keeping a close eye on the scale.


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