7 Weeks

Happy 7 weeks to us! Little Bean is working on developing hands and feet and is about the size of a blueberry.


My mom is fairly convinced that I’m having twins just because my tummy has started to pop out already. I have a hard time believing her since I started showing with Ben really early too. I can still fit in and button my jeans so obviously I’m not too huge yet!

I’ve gotten hit with 24/7 nausea this time around instead of just being super gaggy. I’ve been struggling to eat anything so I eat whatever sounds the best. Today, I have had 2 crackers, a piece of peanut butter toast, and a small dish of sea salt caramel ice cream. Last night, all I wanted was chicken wings so I had to send B out on a quest to get some. I’ve decreased the amount of water I’m drinking from 80 oz to 55 oz. I’ve been feeling sick enough that I’ve barely been able to choke down water during the day.

My energy level is still awful and I’m struggling to keep up with Ben who can’t decide if he wants to take one nap a day or two. Today he is down for a morning nap and, since we’re going apple picking this afternoon with his Grammy, his favorite person ever, he might just take a short car snooze. I’m in bed earlier and earlier every evening but still sleeping horribly at night. I probably wake up an average of 3 times a night to go to the bathroom, help Ben find his boppy, get rid of a purring cat, or just because.

Things could be worse though. I’ve made it farther in this pregnancy without throwing up and in only a few short weeks, I’ll get to see the little bean wiggle around on an ultrasound!


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