10 Weeks and Prayers

I had my first appointment of this pregnancy with the nurse at my OB practice this afternoon. I got blood drawn, peed in a cup, was talked to about general pregnancy restrictions and updated my personal and family health history. I asked the nurse if she would pretty please do a Doppler check for heartbeat tones before I left. She agreed but told me that it is completely possible that we wouldn’t hear them, even though we had no problem finding Ben at that stage.

She looked and looked and the only thing she found was the round ligament on my left side which almost made me jump off the table in pain. The rational part of my brain says that not finding the heartbeat isn’t that big of a deal because it’s just as like we wouldn’t hear it as we would. The other part of my brain is panicking because THERE WASN’T A HEARTBEAT! The nurse’s hunch was that my uterus is slightly tilted and it’s possible the ligament pain kept her from looking thoroughly enough on my left side. Normally, if the nurse can’t find the heartbeat with the doppler, the doctor in the office that day does a quick transvaginal ultrasound to make sure that everything really is ok and that the mom isn’t losing her mind. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a doctor in the office today.

I was reassured that everything should be fine and told to come back in 2 weeks for my 12 week appointment with the OB but I really don’t think I can wait that long. I called the nurse after I left and she suggested that she talk to the doc in the morning to see what she suggests. I’m praying that I do get called in for a last minute ultrasound just to put my mind at ease or we try something else to help me relax. We’ll see what tomorrow brings :/


9 Weeks

Baby 2 is the size of a cherry and no longer has a tail. He/she has traded the tail in for heart chambers, functioning nerves and organs and a sweet little face.


Baby 2 enjoys swimming, long rests on the couch, and making mom throw up everything she eats, ever. This has not been a good week for my digestive system! Between nausea, tossing cookies, and gas pain, I’ve been a ball of misery. To be sure, I am very glad that my pregnancy flu has gotten worse because that also means my progesterone levels are rising like they’re supposed to.

My OB doesn’t do a 12 week ultrasound like so many other practices but I think I’ll ask for one anyway so the question of multiples will finally be answered. I meet with the nurse for my preliminary appointment next week Thursday and am hoping I can coax her into doing a heartbeat scan. We’ll see how persuasive I can be!


Baby Ahoy!

This is what an 8 week 5 day second (third) pregnancy looks like. My belly is just longing to fill out all the space left by Ben! I’m pretty sure I was this big around 12 weeks last time.



8 Weeks

8 weeks! It’s already been a month since we found out Baby 2 is on its way.


Baby 2 is the size of a cute grape who is looking less and less like a tadpole every day. Baby Grape has fingers and toes and breathing tubes and eyelids. It’s hard to believe that at this point with Ben, I had already seen the doc and had an ultrasound whereas now, I have several more weeks to wait. Part of me is afraid of waiting for the ultrasound and 10 week doppler scan because what if something is already wrong?! I have to remind myself to breathe and relax because everything seems to be going textbook perfect so far.

I constantly feel nauseated and have had trouble eating and keeping things down this past week. The only things that have tasted good enough to not upset my stomach were Mrs Grass’ chicken flavored noodle soup with egg dumplings, popcorn, and a black bean quesadilla. I haven’t been able to drink much either but am working on that.

I’m fairly certain my milk production has dropped significantly due to my decreased water intake. Ben isn’t suffering so much as just frustrated he can’t have as much milk as he used to drink. He has started biting me after nursing for a while and I think he’s trying to tell me there is nothing left for him. I’m getting ready to be done nursing him though, as much as we’ve both enjoyed it. Trying to sustain both Ben and Baby 2 has caused me to drop a bit of weight already so I’m keeping a close eye on the scale.


7 Weeks

Happy 7 weeks to us! Little Bean is working on developing hands and feet and is about the size of a blueberry.


My mom is fairly convinced that I’m having twins just because my tummy has started to pop out already. I have a hard time believing her since I started showing with Ben really early too. I can still fit in and button my jeans so obviously I’m not too huge yet!

I’ve gotten hit with 24/7 nausea this time around instead of just being super gaggy. I’ve been struggling to eat anything so I eat whatever sounds the best. Today, I have had 2 crackers, a piece of peanut butter toast, and a small dish of sea salt caramel ice cream. Last night, all I wanted was chicken wings so I had to send B out on a quest to get some. I’ve decreased the amount of water I’m drinking from 80 oz to 55 oz. I’ve been feeling sick enough that I’ve barely been able to choke down water during the day.

My energy level is still awful and I’m struggling to keep up with Ben who can’t decide if he wants to take one nap a day or two. Today he is down for a morning nap and, since we’re going apple picking this afternoon with his Grammy, his favorite person ever, he might just take a short car snooze. I’m in bed earlier and earlier every evening but still sleeping horribly at night. I probably wake up an average of 3 times a night to go to the bathroom, help Ben find his boppy, get rid of a purring cat, or just because.

Things could be worse though. I’ve made it farther in this pregnancy without throwing up and in only a few short weeks, I’ll get to see the little bean wiggle around on an ultrasound!


6 Weeks

We are to 6 weeks today and have crossed a mental barrier for me. I miscarried my first pregnancy between 5 and 6 weeks so I definitely feel more confident after reaching the 6 week mark.

This week Baby #2 has a beating heart and pumping blood and is working on forming a mouth, ears, and eyes. Baby is about the size of a pea!


I’m still feeling pretty good. My appetite has basically disappeared so I’m struggling to eat enough. I’m concerned about dropping too much weight too fast since I’m growing a little pea and nursing Ben at the same time. I’ve had a few bouts of nausea but haven’t thrown up yet. I think I was ok at 6 weeks with Ben so maybe the worst is yet to come? I had some pretty awful cramps on Friday and Saturday but didn’t spot at all so I’m chalking that up as normal.

We told both sets of parents within the last week. Ben and I went to see my parents on Friday since we had previously arranged to borrow their van for an Ikea trip. B’s mom came into town for a day trip with some of her friends so Ben and I met them for lunch with this very obvious shirt!

All of our parents were very surprised and very excited.