5 Weeks

I am 5 weeks along with little bean #2. I’ve been feeling pretty good this week and have been trying to not freak out completely. The future is so unsure at this point that I have been trying to think no farther ahead than the next day.

Little Bean is the size of a sesame seed this week and is starting to develop organs, specifically, his/her little heart! Sometime this week, Bean’s heart will start beating!

I am exhausted all the time but evenings are the worst. I’m ready to crawl in bed when we put Ben down at 7 and making dinner is almost impossible! Of course, I can’t actually sleep through the night either because I have to pee at least twice each night. I haven’t been nauseous yet but have had a few random dizzy spells. I don’t think I got dizzy with Ben at all but apparently it’s not uncommon, especially during the first trimester. My sense of smell is more sensitive than it used to be so I spend the day trying to get rid of random smells I find in the house.

Two things I was concerned about before getting pregnant were resolved this week. As I mentioned in this post, our health insurance charges a $70 copay for specialists visits and while I would definitely pay that without question if I were to see a specialist, because my OB’s office has the name “specialist” in the title, they had to charge $70 instead of $40, the regular office visit copay. Today I got a check in the mail for $30, which I can only assume is the extra money I paid in August when I was prescribed Clomid and that I don’t have to pay $70 each visit! That would have gotten extremely costly by next May!

I was also concerned about the cost of the progesterone prescription. I called the nurse line at the OB’s office last Wednesday or Thursday to ask if the doctor wants me on progesterone again this pregnancy. She called back to tell me that their policy is that once you are prescribed progesterone for one pregnancy, you get it for each one after. Unfortunately, our insurance doesn’t cover the kind I was on while pregnant with Ben (Crinone Gel 8%) BUT there is an oral capsule version that the OB is willing to use instead and instead of costing $500+ per month like the Crinone, it was only $35! According to the pharmacist, the medication went generic within the last year so the cost dropped dramatically! Yahoo!

I am still nursing Ben but we’ve cut it down to just wake up and bed time feedings. He is offered milk from a cup after naps and isn’t given the option to nurse. I am hoping he is a little less dependent by the time my milk dries up or I have to quit because feeding two babies at once is too taxing on my body. He is being stubborn about the milk but I can be more stubborn than he is!


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