5 Weeks

I am 5 weeks along with little bean #2. I’ve been feeling pretty good this week and have been trying to not freak out completely. The future is so unsure at this point that I have been trying to think no farther ahead than the next day.

Little Bean is the size of a sesame seed this week and is starting to develop organs, specifically, his/her little heart! Sometime this week, Bean’s heart will start beating!

I am exhausted all the time but evenings are the worst. I’m ready to crawl in bed when we put Ben down at 7 and making dinner is almost impossible! Of course, I can’t actually sleep through the night either because I have to pee at least twice each night. I haven’t been nauseous yet but have had a few random dizzy spells. I don’t think I got dizzy with Ben at all but apparently it’s not uncommon, especially during the first trimester. My sense of smell is more sensitive than it used to be so I spend the day trying to get rid of random smells I find in the house.

Two things I was concerned about before getting pregnant were resolved this week. As I mentioned in this post, our health insurance charges a $70 copay for specialists visits and while I would definitely pay that without question if I were to see a specialist, because my OB’s office has the name “specialist” in the title, they had to charge $70 instead of $40, the regular office visit copay. Today I got a check in the mail for $30, which I can only assume is the extra money I paid in August when I was prescribed Clomid and that I don’t have to pay $70 each visit! That would have gotten extremely costly by next May!

I was also concerned about the cost of the progesterone prescription. I called the nurse line at the OB’s office last Wednesday or Thursday to ask if the doctor wants me on progesterone again this pregnancy. She called back to tell me that their policy is that once you are prescribed progesterone for one pregnancy, you get it for each one after. Unfortunately, our insurance doesn’t cover the kind I was on while pregnant with Ben (Crinone Gel 8%) BUT there is an oral capsule version that the OB is willing to use instead and instead of costing $500+ per month like the Crinone, it was only $35! According to the pharmacist, the medication went generic within the last year so the cost dropped dramatically! Yahoo!

I am still nursing Ben but we’ve cut it down to just wake up and bed time feedings. He is offered milk from a cup after naps and isn’t given the option to nurse. I am hoping he is a little less dependent by the time my milk dries up or I have to quit because feeding two babies at once is too taxing on my body. He is being stubborn about the milk but I can be more stubborn than he is!


12 Month Update

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since Ben was born! He’s so much more of a little person than he was even a month ago. He has opinions and common expressions and is becoming more of a toddler every day.

We finally had his 12 month doctor visit yesterday so I figured it was time to write up a summary post. He weighed 20 lbs 5 oz (25th percentile), was 30 inches tall (50th percentile), and his noggin was 18.25″ around. I’m glad I didn’t have to give birth to a baby with that large of a head! He had 4 shots: MMR, Hep A, flu vaccine, and chicken pox vaccine and although he cried and screamed, he calmed down within a few minutes when I gave him his boppy and burp cloth and read a book. Brave boy! We go back to the pediatrician in a month for part 2 of his flu shot and again just before Christmas for a well baby visit.

Like our pediatrician said yesterday, if Ben can eat it, he may eat it. We’re out of the restricted zone and he can have eggs, peanut butter, cow’s milk, honey, and pretty much anything that he is interested in eating. We celebrated by having bacon and eggs for dinner last night, followed by cut up strawberries. Ben is almost 100% self-feeding at this point. We still use food packets for days where he is resisting fruit and veggies or if we’re trying to get some food in his belly quickly before nap time (like Sundays after church). Every food is Ben’s favorite right now, or at least, might be for 5 minutes. He’s developed a toddler attitude about food so sometimes he likes something and sometimes he doesn’t. We simply keep offering healthy options and trust that he will eat enough when he is hungry enough. We’ve learned to only bring out his favorite foods at the end of the meal if there is something more nutritious he should eat first (like eating his protein before watermelon or green beans before chicken). Much of the time, Ben eats what we eat for dinner but simplified. He knows the sign for more, water, and milk. We’re working on the sign for cheese since he eats a ton of that too.

I’m working on weaning Ben off the boob and switched to a cup. Like many things, some days he’ll guzzle the milk down and other days he takes one look at it and pushes it away. He now nurses when he gets up in the morning and at night when he goes to bed but only has the option of a sippy cup after naps. We bought him a special cup just for milk¬†and have been working on the sign for milk and he’s caught on to that one very quickly. Our pediatrician suggested adding a small bit of chocolate syrup to the milk if it’s the taste he is resisting or, if it is a cup issue, to let him drink out of an open top cup with tons of supervision. He gulped down half of a cup this morning after his nap so maybe we found the right combination? I’m hoping that he’ll catch on soon so my milk drying up won’t be a huge issue for him.

Ben is still at 8 teeth but there are signs of his canines coming in and I know his first molars aren’t too far away. *shudder* I’m thankful to have a break from the constant yelling and acting out since I’m so tired right now.

Ben wears 12 month clothes most of the time now. The onesie extenders have been great to get more life out of his 9 month short sleeved shirts. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Carter’s little boy clothes, specifically these jeans. They have a regular looking waistband on the outside but adjust with elastic inside to keep them on his skinny, little body. We’re starting to transition into clothes where you have to choose if you want your child to wear sports-themed clothes, truck-themed clothes, or mini-big boy clothes. I like the mini big-boy clothes best so when I had to supplement his 12 moth wardrobe, he got slim-cut, dark wash jeans, a plaid button down, a cute dark gray cardigan without a hood (!), a navy fleece jacket, and a comfy striped onesie with a fox on it. He can fit into his red, size 4 Converse all stars that we bought for my maternity photo shoot over a year ago too so he’s looking pretty dapper. I started adding the thin doubler insert to his diapers this month and we’re now at a 2 snap gap between the sides. He still isn’t big enough to move up to size 4 disposables though.

Ben started pulling himself up on everything at before 11 months and this month he has started cruising the furniture aka walking around while holding into furniture and once in a while, he lets go and throws his hands in the air like a little daredevil before eventually falling down. He’s standing on his own for longer and longer periods of time so it won’t be too long before his preferred mode of transportation is upright on his own two legs. He gets a little upset if I leave him in the living room by himself with the gate shut so we really need to start working on baby-proofing the stairs so he can explore a little more. He already figured out how to lift the latch on the gate’s door so that is locked all the time too. He went through a week-long phase where refused to take an afternoon nap if he took one in the morning. That wasn’t ok with me but we made the most of it. He was forced to take the afternoon nap and skip the morning. It took about 5 days before he was too exhausted to complain about taking two naps a day again. That was almost 3 weeks ago and he is doing just fine with 2. This mom is quite happy we made it through that rough patch!

We have a theory that most boys love either balls or things with wheels. Ben is definitely a ball boy! We took him to our local children’s museum for his birthday and he would have played in the ball pits all day if we let him! He still loves books more than most kids though. He loves to sit on the floor and page through his favorites over and over. Our smart boy figured out his Fisher Price ring stacker this month and gets very frustrated when the rings don’t stack correctly. He is trying to figure out the Melissa and Doug geometric stacker but the holes in the pieces are much smaller so he isn’t nearly as successful with that one.


Ben was very happy with his stir stick from the coffee shop


Ben plays the “put things on the ottoman” game every day


Reading and standing


So THAT’S where babies come from!


Adventuring at Dutch Village with Mom and Dad


Wooden shoes are hilarious!




I LOVE this photo!


Sharing toys with Mowgli by the front door


Went on a weekend beach vacation and got to play on the swings a ton




I adore these wispy baby curls




Blueberry muffin face


We call this his Cheerio mouth. He does it all the time!


Happy birthday, silly boy!




Benny says “oooooo!”


Playing with daddy during a weekday is extra special


Sandboxing. He didn’t eat any, just dumped it on the floor!


Giant bacon at the mall


Birthday cake


Why does mom keep at the best toys locked up in the kitchen?


Big boy shoes!


A Day in the Life, 12 Month Edition

It’s been 6 months since I’ve written a “day in the life” post so it’s definitely time for an update. Ben is almost a completely different person than he was at 6 months!

7:30 AM: After we started sleep training Ben, he learned that he needs to stay in bed until 7 but he usually doesn’t wake up or holler to get out of bed until around 7:30. 6 months ago, I would have given my right arm to be able to sleep to 7:30 on a regular basis. He’s not a perfect sleeper but we are thankful that he sleeps in. I had been up every hour for part of the night between the cats prowling, Ben waking up, and me being worried that Ben was cold (the temp dropped into the 40s at night and Ben’s room is the coldest in the house). B planned on getting up at the same time as Ben this morning anyway so he brought Ben into our room to nurse and then changed his diaper and took him out to the living room to play so I could go back to sleep.

8:30 AM: I couldn’t sleep (story of my life) and kept thinking of all the things I need to get done this week so I got out of bed and snuck toward the living room to check on my boys. B was starting to catch up on work emails and Ben was happily playing on the floor. I heated up oatmeal for Ben and put him in his highchair to eat. We’re getting new carpet for the living room tomorrow so B started moving some of the smaller things (end table, large baskets, etc) into temporary storage. Ben was tired of oatmeal so he had a few cheerios so B and I could move the antique glass cabinet into the family room, where it will be safe from little boys who like to hammer on things.

9:15 AM: I was starving and Ben was antsy to get out of his chair. He went back to his toys to play and I fried an egg for my breakfast. I put on Baby Mozart for Ben so I could eat in peace without him begging for something he wasn’t allowed to eat yet. B showers and heads off to the basement office.

9:45 AM: I’ve caught up on emails, surveys, breakfast, and blogs and Ben’s show is done. As he is crawling around, he tries to stand up by holding onto the ottoman but his hand slips and he bonks his face. His lip is bleeding a little but it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. I always feel awful when he hurts himself but really, there is nothing we can do. He isn’t doing dangerous things, he’s just learning new skills and while he can stand up 98% of the time just fine, once in a while he tips over.

10:15 AM: Nap time for Ben! I changed his diaper (very, very dirty), found his burp cloth and pacifier (or boppy, as it is called in our house), and we cuddle in the chair in his room and read The Napping House. Both of us adults love this book and highly recommend it. I put Ben in his crib, tell him to have a good sleep, and shut the door halfway. He must have been exhausted because he fell asleep in 5 minutes, without throwing out his boppy multiple times. I love when Ben takes a morning nap because it gives me a chance to get moving quickly. I finish cleaning up breakfast and shower. I’ve been meaning to mix up some miracle lotion for the last week but keep forgetting so I made sure to put this at the top of my list today. This stuff really is great, especially during winter for people with chronically dry skin like me. Ben wakes up as I pour the finished lotion into storage containers so I know that I won’t be able to finish cleaning the kitchen like I had hoped.

11:30 AM: Ben quickly nurses (only 5 minutes total this time) and wants to get off my lap to play. We need to run to the dollar store before lunch so I distract him with a toy and change his diaper and get him dressed. We go downstairs to B’s office to let him know where we are headed and tell him I’ll make lunch when we get back.

11:45 AM: At the dollar store, picking up silverware and thank you cards for Ben’s birthday party on Saturday. We didn’t want to throw a huge party but even with just parents, siblings, and closest friends coming, we’re still planning a party for 20 people! Ben is an angel at the store and isn’t at all grumpy even though we’re close to lunch.

12:15 PM: We’re home from the store and I pop Ben into his high chair with his sippy cup while I open and rinse some black beans to make quesadillas for all 3 of us. B has a 1:00 meeting so he decides to eat after the meeting so he can actually relax during his lunch break. This is Ben’s first time trying a quesadilla and he gobbles it down! He makes the sign for water and means it, which is a HUGE break through! He’s really starting to understand why he needs to use signs instead of just mimicking us when we do it.


Baby’s first quesadilla

1:15 PM: Ben is done eating before me so he goes off to play and I can enjoy the rest of my lunch as well as read a few blog posts. I can hear a toy scraping against furniture and hurry into the living room to figure out what Ben is doing. He took one of his red painted toys and was rubbing it against the green tv cabinet and it left little red scratches everywhere!



Thankfully, a bleach-free Lysol wipe takes it right off. Ben goes back to destroying the living room or playing, this time with me as an accomplice.


Reading books is always fun

2:15 PM: B is done with his meeting and ready for lunch and Ben is ready for his afternoon nap (3 hours between naps). I’ve already changed Ben’s diaper (the second nasty one today) so B takes over reading a book and the multiple redirects to teach Ben to go to sleep while I make B’s lunch and clean up the kitchen. It takes Ben longer to fall asleep this time than this morning but it isn’t terrible. I finish making lunch, wash dishes, hang up clean laundry, finish emptying a suitcase that we were done with last week, and sit down for a bit to start this blog post and research pricing for Subway catering for Ben’s party. I tentatively decide what to order and text my choice to B to get his input.

4:00 PM: Ben is awake so I get him up to nurse. He’s fun to nurse now because he knows and understands what it means when I unhook my bra. He gets very excited and tends to start rooting around before I’m uncovered! We play peek-a-boo for a few minutes when he’s done eating before he slides off my lap to read books and poke at the (unplugged) space heater. The sun is finally shining and I got an email from the library that a book I requested had arrived so I ask B if he has time for a walk today. He does so we plan to leave after he is done with his daily 4:30 meeting. We love walk, especially when it means we get new books!

5:15 PM: B is done with his meeting but not done working for the day. He has a side project commitment at 7 so we have to keep our walk short. We walk to the library, pick out 4 new books for Ben and 2 new ones for me. We are so thankful we live within walking distance of a great library! It saves us a ton of money that probably would be spent on books otherwise.

6:00 PM: Ben is ready for dinner and does he ever eat! He eats a half of a cup of chicken noodle soup (minus the broth), 3/4 of a blueberry muffin, and a large piece of cheese. He has blueberry smeared everywhere; I even find some on his ear!

6:30 PM: Ben and I play for a little longer before starting his bedtime routine. Tonight isn’t a bath night so it only takes about 15 minutes.

6:45 PM: B wants to move the tv, tv stand, and armchair out of the living room before his 7:00 meeting starts. I put Ben safely in his crib with toys so we can move things without tripping on him.

6:50 PM: Diaper change, pjs, and more books to read. I enjoy 3 of the new library books but Ben is super tired and ready to sleep. I put Ben in bed and tell him goodnight.

7:00 PM: B is still working so I make myself dinner and sit down for a bit to read. We’re getting new carpet in our living room tomorrow so once B is done with work, we will be moving heavy couches and ripping out old carpet and tons of little staples.

8:15 PM: B is done with work so we start on the living room. It takes much less time to empty the room and rip out the carpet than we thought. I thought we wouldn’t be able to move the old stuff to the garage but it was light enough. After a few hours, carpet is gone and staples are out. B sweeps the subfloor while I go nurse Ben one last time before bed.

10:30 PM: Ben is fed and I am exhausted. I wash up and get in bed. Shortly thereafter, I pass out!



Praise the Lord, 50 mg of Clomid worked! I had two very definitely positive OPKs today so we get to actually start trying after 5 months of “trying.”

Not that the timing is that great since we are sharing a house this weekend with two other families and sharing a room with Ben but I’m definitely not complaining! I’m over the moon excited!


How Long is a Month?

CD: 16

I am still waiting to see if the Clomid will work at 50 mg or if I’ll be back on Provera in a few weeks. I am still doubtful that it will work but keep reminding myself that the month i got pregnant with Ben, I didn’t ovulate until CD:17.

Ladies, I had forgotten how long a month can be! Thankfully, we’re busy with many weekend trips, special events, and a certain small boy’s first birthday coming up. Being busy helps keep me from obsessing. I’m not ready for that level of baby fever yet!