CD: 6, Clomid Day: 4 (1 more day)

I’m sitting on the couch with the air conditioning on, wearing a tank top and yoga capris and am radiating heat. I forgot the degree of intensity that these hot flashes have. It’s been almost 2 years since my last round of Clomid so there was plenty of time to forget. So far, things seem to be going well. The side effects have been kept to a minimum (only hot flashes) and I don’t think I’ve been overly grumpy or scary hormonal. B is thankful!

Getting pregnant again freaks me out for many reasons. The chance of conceiving twins with Clomid is so much higher than normal conception (7-8% higher I think) and I am a small person. Twins as our 2nd and 3rd babies would definitely be a lot more difficult, baby gear-wise, than the first because I don’t expect showers this time around. Buying another car seat, crib, cosleeper, clothes, diapers is an overwhelming task!

Our health insurance changed after I quit my job too and already this insurance is driving me crazy. My OB’s office is a “specialist” only because they do offer specialized services in addition to their regular OB practice. Just because their name includes “specialists,” my copay is $70 each time I go in instead of $40. That’s a huge jump! Some of the medications I was on last time, like the progesterone (Crinone Gel 8%) is only a brand name and is classified as an infertility drug so, of course, insurance doesn’t cover it at all. The out of pocket price surprised me; its over $500! I’m not as concerned about that one because I know there is an oral progesterone option that you can get from a compounding pharmacy like certain Walgreens, with or without insurance, for $50 or so per month. Still, maternity care is much more expensive this time around than last time.

Even though I get overwhelmed from time to time, I don’t want to stop, slow down, or wait. The timing is right for us, even though I can’t keep from worrying but I doubt I worry more than the average prospective mother. Our finances have never been in better shape (debt free!!!!!!), I am home with Ben every day and B is working from home so we can share the load on days that I just can’t hack it. We have close friends who love us and will pray us through another pregnancy and family who is always willing to help. The house is in good shape (except for yard work, don’t even go there!) and we have space for 2 more babies, should we end up with twins. Life is good.

We’ve been thinking about replacing the carpet in our family room because it’s in rough shape. The previous owners had 3 kids and a dog and the carpet is white, at least the parts between stains are! We have had it professionally cleaned and it still hasn’t improved much. We spend so much time on this floor that softer, less gross carpet would be wonderful. We don’t want to overstep our financial abilities (see: debt free, finally) but at the same time, both of us realized that it would be easier to move all the furniture, rip out the carpet, pad, and a million staples now when I’m not nauseous or too round to crawl around the floor and those things could happen within the next 6 months! I don’t plan on anything but hope for everything at this point. I’d be thrilled if this first round worked! So, it looks like we’re getting new carpet that feels like a stuffed animal and makes me want to rub my face on it! This is what we picked out, if you are curious.


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