11 Months

Our baby is growing fast! Only one month away from the big 0-1!

Ben eats pretty much everything we give him these days. His favorites are still chicken and black beans but also enjoys cut up whole wheat pasta and green beans. He decided this month that he doesn’t want to be spoon fed anymore. I panicked for a bit, trying to figure out how on earth we’d get enough food in him. He loves eating from the squeeze pouches so I started hunting for reusable ones I could fill with homemade food or the leftover jars from his spoon-feeding days. I settled on these and am really happy with them so far! I’ve only had one instance of them leaking out of the zippered bottom but I think that was more user error than anything.

We had our first getaway with a mobile baby who wants only finger foods this past weekend (B was a groomsman in a wedding). Hotel floors really gross me out so I was concerned about him getting enough exercise during the day. Luckily, I picked a recently renovated hotel with super clean floors! The whole room was incredibly clean AND included a little fridge for all his pre-cut food. We brought an apple cut into slices, cut green beans, pasta, black beans, colby cheese, and food packets with oatmeal and apples, prunes and apples, sweet potato and green beans, and chicken sweet potato dinner. We went through almost everything we brought and he didn’t starve, even with skipping one or even two milk breaks each day. The big excitement of the trip was Ben’s first swim in a big pool. Being the little water baby that he is, it didn’t surprise me at all that he loved it!

B had a 5 day work trip at the end of July that was miserable for both Ben and me because Ben was teething still/again. The top two front teeth came in last month and now the teeth on either side of his bottom two are in. The ones on the top that flank the top teeth have been working their way in too but aren’t there yet. At one point when B was gone, Ben had 4 teeth coming in at once and slept horribly the whole week. Of course, as soon as B got home, Ben started sleeping through the night again!

Ben still fits in most of his 9 month onesies but a few are a bit too short. I just bought a set of onesie extenders from a seller on Etsy that will make his onesies 2 or so inches longer and will fit longer. Ben wears shoes most of the time when we’re outside now. He has a pair of Robeez soft soled shoes and a new pair of soft soled tennis shoes. Other than those two things, he hasn’t outgrown much in the last month.

Ben’s most important new skill is standing up. He figured out how to stand by pulling on his crib and now pulls himself up on everything!

In addition to waving, Ben now can clap his hands and is starting to understand how to shake hands. B is having a great time figuring out what new “tricks” he can teach Ben!

Our front living room has been completely baby-proofed and Ben is allowed to explore the whole space to his heart’s content. There are a few different areas he likes to play in: Next to B’s recliner with the walker toy, in the middle of the room with books and toys, in front of the tv with small blocks, eggs, and stuffed animals, and behind the couches by the front door. He loves move small objects around. Recently, I couldn’t find half of his wood blocks, most of his wood eggs, and all of his colorful shapes. I looked in a few of the obvious places (did I put them away in the wrong bucket?) but it wasn’t until I looked in a very new place did I find them. We have two large baskets on either side of our tv stand for blankets. Ben had discovered that it is very fun to hide toys in the blanket basket. Right now, Ben is sleeping and I need to pick up the living room. I see at least 4 toys hiding with the blankets that Ben had stored for later!


Ben and Mowgli are best buds


Big boy!


We were both so excited when B got home from his long work trip!


Celery is great for teething


Ben fell asleep sitting up. I don’t think B and I have ever laughed so hard!


Knocking back the sippy cup. I have an idea for a post about the hunt for the elusive perfect sippy


Giant baby standing up!


Hiding my toys where Mommy can’t find them


Eating apple


He LOVED the pool!


Nekkid pool baby


Ben really enjoyed the wedding, especially all the toys in the church nursery!


Holy cow! I’m 11 months old!


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