All Systems Go

I had my appointment with the OB this morning. I chose to talk to the same doctor who treated me after my miscarriage two years ago and prescribed the Clomid that gave us Ben. He doesn’t have the best bedside manner simply because he doesn’t sugarcoat anything and I appreciate that. A friend of mine who goes to the same practice avoids seeing him whenever possible because she likes her doctor to be more sensitive. Apparently, I just like the truth!

When he walked in and asked what I made the appointment for, I told him straight out that I’d like to have another baby but was concerned about a repeat of last time (2+ years of trying, miscarriage, and multiple medications). He immediately asked if I wanted to try Clomid again! I didn’t think it would be that easy. I figured he would want to try waiting longer or another medication first but he didn’t.

I walked out of there with a prescription for Provera to start a cycle and Clomid for days 3-7. The prescription was written as 50 mg daily even though it took 100 mg daily last time for it to work. I’m supposed to take 50 mg for several months both to see if a lower dose would possibly work this time around and so my body doesn’t go into shock and send out too many eggs at once. I already took my baseline pregnancy test (negative) so it looks like I’ll be starting Provera tonight!

Here’s hoping we get another one of these really soon!



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