Teething is the Pits

Ben is cutting three new teeth right now and as a result is being a holy terror.

B left for a conference last Thursday afternoon so I’ve been rocking the solo parenting gig since then. I know that part of the reason Ben has been so difficult is due to the teeth but my mom suggested that he also could be missing his daddy and is acting out against me because he wants B to come home. I want him home too!

Ben’s front, top teeth are mostly in and the two flanking those are threatening to pop through at any time. He had one new bottom one cut through yesterday. That’s a whole lot of pain for the little man to handle! He has been yelling at me, especially during meals, eating less than normal, and sleeping far, far less during naps.

In spite of having to deal with a little bear for the last 4 days, I’m still itching to get pregnant again. It is getting more difficult every day to think of Ben as a baby now that he is mobile and better expresses himself. He looks terribly old too now that his increased activity level has slimmed down some of his lovable baby chub. He doesn’t snuggle like he used to because there are too many things to discover and kitties to pester. Sniff! Time moves far too fast, my friends.

Through some casual googling, I discovered that Clomid, what it took last time for us to get pregnant, is breastfeeding compatible although I had originally assumed not. Ben is nursing 3-4 times a day with no sign of my cycle reappearing so I think it’s time to call the doctor’s office tomorrow to start making a plan of action. The worst they could say is they want me to stop breastfeeding and keep charting and trying for X months before meds but I’m praying that isn’t their response.

And because baby pictures are wonderful, this is an overtired 10 month old who plays with his hair in his sleep.


I called the doctors office this morning and made an appointment in two weeks to see the same OB who helped us get pregnant with Ben. We’ll just have to wait and see how things go.


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