June TTC Update

I’ve been avoiding a TTC update because there is nothing to share. Today is cycle day 66ish and I haven’t seen a single sign of a period so far. I’ve been using OPKs as well and every single one has been negative. I’ve been avoiding calling the OB too since I’m fairly certain they’ll tell me that if we seriously want to pursue TTC again, I’ll need to wean Ben and stop breastfeeding to see if that is causing the anovulation and amenorrea. I’m not ready for that yet plus we’ve yet to get Ben to take a bottle or cup with any kind of regularity.

So, it’s been hard to make myself test for ovulation because I have a hard time believing that anything will be different this time around. I (we) really wanted our kids to be close in age and I’d LOVE to be pregnant again but that will take some serious commitment on my part.

Does anyone have anything encouraging to say? I’m already frustrated and we’ve barely started!


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