Sleep Training Update

Ben’s sleeping has improved greatly in the last 8 days! I cobbled together tips from Ferber’s and Giordano’s books based on what I thought would work well for us. The tips on reducing night feedings from Ferber were helpful and much of what Giordano wrote in The Baby Sleep Solution was applicable, except for the fact that we started sleep training at almost 8 months instead of 8 weeks.

Ben moved into his own room and even though I really miss having him close to me, I don’t wake up from his tossing and turning nearly as often so I’m not tempted to feed him just a little to calm him down. I’m fairly certain that a large portion of the sleep training techniques are to train the parents, not the kids!

For the last few days, Ben has slept from 7ish until 4 or 5 AM with a half wake up where he just needs a pacifier around 10 and then another 1 to 2 hours after a quick feeding. Giordano teaches that babies need to be taught to stay in bed for the full 12 hours, even if they wake up before their get up time. Ben has woken up anywhere between 5 AM (horrible, horrible day) and 7:15. If he wakes up before 7, we unswaddle him and give him a few quiet toys to play with until it’s time to get out of bed. We leave the monitor on so we can keep an eye on him but he normally does well playing by himself in the morning.

If we pushed him, I think we could break him of that last feeding at 4 or 5 AM but my breasts are having a hard enough time as it is. They’ve forgotten how to last 12 hours without nursing and I’ve forgotten how hard it is to get comfortable enough to sleep while that engorged. I don’t mind the one feeding too much so my plan is to give myself some time before taking away that last feeding. He doesn’t eat much when he wakes up so it shouldn’t hurt me too much when we do.

I don’t know why things are working but I’m thrilled they are! Ben is such a flexible baby; the perfect kind to put up with newbie parents trying to figure things out as they go!


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