Begging for punishment

So, B is gone this weekend and I’m getting desperately tired of Ben’s insistence to be fed at night. Last night he woke up every two hours like a flipping newborn! He actually slept better as a newborn than he does now.

I must be asking for punishment because I’m going to jump into sleep training tonight. My goals are to decrease the number of times he is fed between my bedtime and 6:30 AM to 0 (which he can do since he used to sleep 12 hours a night for several months!) and help him learn to fall asleep on his own without assistance.

He does pretty well falling asleep already (can fall asleep without nursing, rocking/snuggling) but we are pretty dependent on the pacifier. He has always loved sucking on it and falls asleep quickly when we give it to him. Before taking it away at night though, I’m going to work on cutting down his use during the day to just nap time.

Ben falls asleep in his crib every night and then I move him into his cosleeper in our room when I go to bed. I’m wondering if by having him so close to me, I’ve woken up and overreacted to stirrings or noises that I wouldn’t have heard if he slept in his own space? I’m a very light sleeper anyway so perhaps I gave him these bad habits? To test this theory, Ben is going to sleep in his own room all night tonight.

Wish us luck!


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