Here We Go Again!

First of all, ever since I picked this post title, I have had this song running through my head whenever I think of writing the content:

So, here we go again! B and I talked it over and decided it was silly for me to continue bc when we wanted to see what my body would do on its own as far as ovulation. It’s funny how little I remember from that time a little over 15 months ago when I was finally able to stop counting days and taking tests.

We are easing into TTC simply because the bc is still working its way out of my system (2 days without it now) and that can make a difference. We also don’t know if I’ll actually have a period or not since I’m still breast feeding Ben. My mom got pregnant with me when my older brother was 9 months old and didn’t have a period between his birth and my conception but there is no guarantee I will ovulate. Since I don’t know if I’m going to cycle at all, this could take some guessing. My guess is that I’m on CD11 and should start ovulation testing now. We shall see!

We wanted our first two kids close together for many reasons. The first is that since we have all the baby stuff out already, we’ll get twice as much use out of everything. Second, we want Ben to have a sibling he can play with. From about 6 months on, my older brother was my best friend until he moved off to college. Mom swears that having us close together (18 months) was a great choice because we spent so much time with each other. Who doesn’t want a built-in playmate? My little sister K was over last weekend while my parents spent time with Grandpa and Ben LOVED having someone to play with or just watch as he jumped away in the jumperoo.

It doesn’t really matter the reason; I’m just plain excited. I miss the little baby stage that goes too quickly. I tear up while looking through Ben’s newborn photos because BABY! It’s time to start and we pray that it doesn’t take as long this time as last time.


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