Spoke too Soon!

I should know better than to say anything to the internet about anything that my son is or is not doing. It is inevitable that something will change suddenly!

We discovered on Monday that Ben is teething, which is both an exciting and terrifying milestone for parents. His two little lower incisors broke through his gums on Monday morning without a fever, much swelling, or too much fussing. He definitely is fussier than normal and he tends to wake up crying around 5 AM but I probably would too if sharp little teeth are cutting through my skin without any way of relieving the pain (like chewing on things) since bed time. Overall, he’s been a champ about the teething except for when it comes to eating. Once again, we’re struggling to nurse, this time because his mouth hurts.

He nurses better at night, like before. The best time is after naps, the worst is first thing in the morning because he hasn’t gotten any pain meds yet. I want to try Hyland’s Teething Tablets but have yet to find them in a store around us. I have to go look today because we only have a dose or two of baby Tylenol left.

He is still enjoying eating (or mashing on his face) solids. He has had banana (loved it), graham cracker (loved it), and avocado (indifferent). Last night he had 1/4 of an avocado, 1/2 of a graham cracker, and then a few minutes with a banana chunk. I’m not entirely sure he ate much, if any, of the banana, but he did put it in his mouth for a while. I bought some rice rusk crackers when we were out yesterday with the plan of spreading homemade sweet potato puree on it like jelly. He’ll probably have that for dinner tonight if the potatoes are thawed in time. I can’t tell if he is actually swallowing any of the food he puts in his mouth or if it all ends up squished on his bib or face. I’ve heard that broccoli does interesting things to a diaper so I’m tempted to give him some just to see if it makes it through his digestive system.

I’m starting to think about getting pregnant again. It’s not a full-blown baby fever yet but it’s getting there. I only have 4 more bc pills left before I have to get a refill so I’m tempted to bring it up to B and go without it to see what my body does. If I do ovulate without meds, I’d be ecstatic!


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