6 Months

It is so hard to believe that Ben is already 6 months old! It feels like yesterday we had a dimply, squishy newborn. Now he is a loud, talkative, energetic, smiley, cuddly, BIG baby!

We had his 6 month well-child check up this morning. He weighed 16 lb 14.5 oz and was 26.5 inches long (50th percentile). He gained 2 lbs since his last appointment! No wonder he has nice chub thighs and dimply knees! His head went up to 17.25 inches which is 75th percentile. He evened out for weight and height but now he has a big head! Such a kissable soft big head too! He got the same 4 vaccines that he’s gotten the last 2 appointments but instead of a combo shot, they were all separate. I didn’t feel too bad watching him get them because I knew he wouldn’t cry long and they are for his own good. The good news is that his next appointment isn’t until 9 months and he only has to get 1 shot then!

We are still using the bum genius cloth diapers for him except for during our extended vacation in Florida. I was so happy to get back to these diapers though! They are cuter and fit way better than disposables do. He has gained enough weight that now the waist is snapped with two open snaps between the sides.

I need to phase out his 3 month clothes and find his 6 month clothes. He has a handful of 3/6 outfits that still fit (thank you Old Navy!) but since we got back from our trip, I’ve realized that his pants and long sleeves are all a bit too short. I’m sad that those cute little things are getting packed away but maybe we’ll be able to use them again for a second baby.

Ben still loves playing in his gym (did I ever tell you that this is the one we bought him?) but instead of laying on his back, he rolls from side to side to play with the toys. He spends a lot more time holding and inspecting each toy now instead of only hitting them as hard as he can. It’s very fun to watch him lay there and investigate the ribbon tags with his little, chubby hands. Ben also loves playing with his puppy lovey toy, o-ball rattle, Sophie the Giraffe (loves to chew on things), fish teether, Kermit the Frog stuffed animal from Disney, rings, and is just starting to be interested in a stuffed lion with a crinkly mane we got as a shower gift. He is much more interested in books than a month ago so we spend a lot more time reading to him. My favorite is the Pantone Colors book because of the bright colors and cute illustrations. Ben discovered the cats after we got back from vacation and we love the look on his face when he figures out that a kitty walked into the room. He stops what he was doing, goes completely still and stares! If the kitties get too close, they discover pretty quickly that the baby has learned to grab!

Developmentally, he’s made some advancements but isn’t sitting up or even rolling back to front consistently yet. He can roll but doesn’t seem very motivated to do it. The doctor mentioned that a lot of changes can happen between now and his 9 month appointment and we shouldn’t be too surprised if he is crawling within the next 3 months. So many changes! Ben did discover his feet and ears this month and is constantly grabbing at either of them. He vocalizes all the time and often has long conversations with his toys, his mirror, or us.

Eating has gotten a bit tricky. We had just started trying out solids when he caught this cold he is fighting. We knew it was time to start because he started waking up at night to eat again and he was very interested in what we do at the dinner table. He tends to sit with one of us and watch every fork or spoonful of food travel from our plate to our mouth and even tries to intercept them.

When he got sick a week ago, he started to refuse to nurse. It wasn’t that he was too distracted to eat but something completely different. He arches his back and cries if I try to bring him close to me to eat. I’ve tried every trick in the book to get him to eat a full meal and so far he’s still looks healthy. The doctor said he doesn’t show a single sign of dehydration which is impressive for a baby who won’t latch for more than a minute. I’ve found that sneak attacking him with a boob while he is barely awake from a nap is effective as well as nursing him in the bedroom with the curtains closed and the white noise machine on. Basically, if I can make him feel like its his bedtime environment, I can usually get him to eat for 3 minutes on one side before quitting. The shorter amount of time he eats, the more frequently I offer. It’s hard not to worry he isn’t getting enough to eat or that my milk supply will suffer but I’m trying to focus on one feeding at a time. His last one was wonderful (5 minutes and 2 minutes) so I get a few hours off. B and I are going to work on reintroducing peas this weekend and hopefully Ben will start feeling better and nursing better too. Part of the problem may be a little tooth that is just barely showing behind his gums on his bottom jaw. I’m not ready for teething yet!

About having a baby with a cold, if you value your sanity as a parent of an infant, buy the Nosefrida nasal aspirator. A drop of saline nasal rinse in each nostril and a quick clean out of each side and Ben can breathe again! The amount of snot the Nosefrida can pull out grosses me out but if I compare it to not being able to blow my nose when I’m sick, I can bet that Ben feels a whole lot better afterward!

I had my first “I’d like another baby” feeling this week when friends of ours had their second. They send us some photos of their cheeky newborn (10 lbs 6 oz!) and I was slightly jealous for a minute. I’m not ready to give Ben up as our baby yet but it’s nice to know that I’ve forgotten enough about pregnancy and L&D that I want to try again. I’m not sure we’re ready to TTC and have to deal with cycles and counting and meds and emotions and all the stuff that comes with it. Maybe my body will have miraculously healed itself by having Ben? My maternal grandma couldn’t get pregnant for years and finally had a baby without miscarrying and rapidly got pregnant with 2 more! She had 3 babies all less than a year behind the older one! Maybe I’ll have that ability too?






One thought on “6 Months

  1. Oh goodness, even *I* am sad to read how fast he is growing! Quick, how do we stop it!! I’m glad to hear he’s growing well! Hopefully he ends his nursing strike soon….

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