4 Months

Ben had his 4 month well-baby check up last week Monday. He is still at 25th percentile for weight (14 lbs 3 oz), 50th percentile for head size, and has evened out a little to between 50th and 75th percentile for height (25.5 inches). He is growing great, developing well and the doctor seemed mighty impressed with his progress. He commented that Ben is a very alert little boy since he is always wide eyed and looking around.

At the appointment, Ben got the second round of vaccines that he started at the 2 month visit. One was given orally and then he got one in each leg. The nurse is very quick but I still felt bad watching his little face realize what was happening. He only cried for about 2 minutes though! I thought ahead this time and gave him a small dose of Tylenol before leaving home so I think that helped. He didn’t swell or get red like he did at 2 months. B suggested they accidentally gave Ben the happy shots because he was perfectly happy and content for the rest of the week!

I stumbled across a book called The 90-Minute Baby Sleep Program through a link on Pinterest and that got me thinking about Ben’s nap schedule. No one ever tells you HOW to get your child to nap; you just have to figure it out. My mom always had all of us kids take a morning and an afternoon nap but that clearly wouldn’t work for Ben since he tends to fall asleep every couple of hours. The basic premise of the book is to start the nap routine after the baby has been awake 90 minutes from his last nap. I started timing Ben’s naps last week and, surprise, 90 minutes of awake time between naps works very well for him! He never indicates that he is tired until it is too late and it takes 30+ minutes of walking, rocking, soothing and cuddling before he falls asleep for about a 30 minute nap. I felt like there HAD to be a better way! I’m waiting for the library to have the book ready for me so I can see what other insight I might get from it but we are LOVING regular naps and less than 5 minutes of soothing to get him there.

Ben is still in 3 month clothes for the most part but we have also introduced all of his 3/6 month clothes. The pants are all a bit long but since he doesn’t walk or crawl, long pants are a bit of an non-issue. We are taking a trip to Florida in early March (and maybe a detour to Disney beforehand) so I have to get out his 6 month bin and figure out how many short sleeved onesies we have and how many we need to borrow. Thankfully I have friends who had babies in the summer so they have 3 and 6 month outfits available. We should be able to get away with only buying a pair of shorts or two for a 2 week trip!


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