It’s Over!

Yesterday was my last day of work! I worked hard to train a replacement for 6 weeks and can be proud of the work I did for the last 4+ years in this position. I am sad that I’m leaving my coworkers but not at all sad to be done working so I can stay home with my boy. We’re going to have so much fun! I can’t wait until the weather warms up so we can spend more time outside.

It’s in the 50s in Michigan today so we took a several mile long walk to the library, lunch, the bakery, and an extra long loop just to enjoy the warmer temps. We decided to buy the Jeep universal stroller frame for when he is still in his infant car seat and we couldn’t be happier with our choice! The wheels turn smoothly, the tires are large enough that Ben isn’t jostled around excessively, the basket underneath is HUGE and, when I bought it, it was very inexpensive.

We also figured out today how we were going to make a spring break trip work this year. B has worked with a campus ministry at our alma mater since we graduated and every year our students go to Fort Myers, Florida to work with local ministries for a week. The trip has gotten so popular in recent years that they had to add an extra van of 12 people and so they’ve also run out of space in the church we stay in. Ben and I had to find some alternative place to stay that isn’t too far and were invited to stay with my Great Aunt S and Uncle H in nearby Cape Coral. Now, where to find warm weather baby clothes for only a week of use!


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