3 Month Update

I cannot believe how fast time has gone! Everyone tells you that babies grow up too fast but its hard to imagine until you have your own.

Ben keeps growing and learning new things! 3 months is an “off” month for a well-baby check up so I don’t have all his stats this month. We weighed him the day after his 3 month birthday and he was 12 lb 14 oz and is definitely a very long baby. He is firmly in 3 month clothes and already outgrowing some of them. The added bulk of his diapers doesn’t help too much! My favorite combination is a long sleeved onesie with baby legs leg warmers. He prefers to be naked so not having real pants on makes him pretty happy.

He still loves nursing more than anything. I started work again in December and apparently 6 weeks without a bottle makes it difficult to use one again because he had a meltdown at my mom’s my first day of work because he couldn’t remember how to eat. We switched from Dr. Brown’s to the solitary Tommee Tippee bottle I got as a shower gift and, low and behold, he can finish 4 oz in about 5 minutes! I only have 3 more 4 hour shifts at work before I’m done, though, so bottles will soon be only for babysitters.

Speaking of babysitters, we’re going on our first date without the baby next week to watch The Hobbit and eat at our favorite hibachi style restaurant. We are very excited!

Ben started sleeping through the night couple of weeks ago. He sleeps from 8-10 PM, has a quick snack and then sleeps until 8 AM. I am one lucky mama! I don’t know what I did to deserve a baby who sleeps so well but I will take it! He does not have a very good daytime nap schedule other than he has to sleep between each feeding still. If I had to choose between him sleeping through the night or having a good daytime nap, I would definitely choose sleeping through the night!

Developmentally, he is moving right along. He is a lot more stable and solid than he was at two months. He spends a good portion of his awake time in his play gym. It has been fun to watch him go from just looking at the hanging toys to flailing around and grabbing everything so strongly that the whole thing starts shaking. He still loves mirrors. Several times a day we stop at the full-length mirror at the end of the hall to talk to the baby there. He still hates tummy time but at the recommendation of a friend of ours who is a pediatric OT, we started using the Bobby pillow to prop him up a little. He has gone from tolerating about 30 seconds of tummy time to several full minutes within the last few weeks using this trick. I found the Bobby pillow useless for breast-feeding but helpful for tummy time so I am glad I bought it after all. He discovered his hands right before his 3 month birthday and is constantly sucking on them. It makes the cutest squelching sound that we enjoy at home but try to avoid in church!

hand sucking