2 Months

Ben had his two month pediatrician appointment this week. He weighed 11 pounds 6 1/2 ounces and was 23 1/4 inches long. That puts him in the 25th percentile for weight but 75th percentile for height. He is one long, skinny, little boy! He holds his head up very well. The doctor had helped him to sit on the exam table and he was able to hold his head up the whole time. He also loved the crinkly paper on table.

The bad part about the two month appointment is he had to get more shots. He got three shots, two in his left leg and one in his right and also had to take one vaccine orally. He did not start crying until after the first shot as if to say that he did not appreciate having two in one leg. The nurse was very fast though so it was over very quickly. He calmed down in about five minutes and slept the whole way home. It wasn’t until about five hours later that his leg was red, warm, and swollen and he was extremely fussy. He normally calms down for me very quickly but he screamed and screamed for about 20 minutes. I sent B to the store to buy some baby Tylenol that I stupidly did not have on hand before the appointment. It only took one dose before he was feeling more like his happy, smiley self. To remember for next time: give Ben Tylenol before the appointment!

It turns out that I might not be a full-time stay-at-home mom either. My office called on Monday morning to offer me extremely limited part-time work for as long as it takes to train a replacement. My guess is that this will take about 6 to 8 weeks. If I work a minimum of eight hours a week, I will not have to reimburse my work for my health insurance premiums. This will essentially save us $3000! As much as I do not want to go back to work at all, my mom will be very excited to spend two days a week with Ben and saving that much money in one shot is an answer to prayer. They know that I will not be working part-time for very long. My boss told me right out on the phone that I could feel free to quit when I needed to. So, it looks like I might be going back to work in early December.


Permanent Maternity Leave

Last Wednesday, I went into my office to tell my boss that I wasn’t planning on coming back from maternity leave. I was incredibly nervous but knew this was what we really wanted for our family.

My boss wasn’t surprised at all. Apparently, most people assumed I wouldn’t be returning. She wasn’t sure of the details HR would be able to give so I’m still waiting on that information before I can feel like things are settled. She asked if I’d be willing to come in for a few hours at a time to train my replacement if necessary. Only a few hours and I’d get paid? Ok! I offered to temp if they need someone in the future so that might be a possibility.

I’m feeling so relieved that this task is over and we can look forward to a lot of time together as a family!


6 Weeks In

Here we are, already 6 weeks postpartum! I had my follow up OB appointment on Tuesday. I’ve dropped about 30 lbs since Ben was born so I’m moving a lot more easily now. My stitches already almost healed so I haven’t gotten the to ahead for sex yet but considering that I just had a baby, I’m not too concerned about that. The doctor estimated another 2 weeks before I’m completely healed. It was very odd to walk out of the appointment without having to schedule another.

Because I had the appointment this week, B and I had to talk about our game plan for baby #2 and what kind of birth control we want to use until then. It is strange to think about birth control again since its been almost 3 years since we’ve used any. We decided that yes, we want more kids, and we’d like the first two to be relatively close together so they have a playmate. We are guessing it will take a few months to get pregnant again since we’ll probably follow the same clomid route as this time and I don’t want to be pregnant over the summer again so we’ll shoot for starting again when Ben is about 9 months old. Until then, my doctor put me on the progesterone only mini-pill which is most effective while breast feeding. I haven’t done well with hormonal birth control in the past but so far, so good. We thought about going without any sort of medical birth control since it takes a miracle and a prayer for us to get pregnant in the first place but I don’t want to run the risk of conceiving when my uterine lining isn’t ready for a baby and miscarrying again.

Ben is eating like a champ and growing like a weed. He’s up to 10 lbs and is tall enough that he is outgrowing the head stabilizer in his car seat. Just this week I started weaning him off using the nipple shield while nursing. He’s getting the hang of latching on correctly so almost every feeding during the day we can go without it. My nipples are now getting the abuse that most women get at the beginning and I wonder if I’ve made it worse by starting with an older baby with a stronger latch and harder suck? We still use the shield at night both to give me a break and since his first night feeding is about 5 hours into the night, my breasts are pretty swollen and he has a hard time latching. If we can’t get over that hump within the next few weeks on our own, I’m planning on working with the lactation consultant at Ben’s pediatrician’s office.

He is wearing 0-3 month clothes with a few Circo newborn outfits and a few smaller 3 month outfits thrown in. We have been battling a very stubborn diaper rash so we’ve been using disposable diapers at night but still cloth during the day. Ben is big enough to fit into his BumGenius and FuzzyBuns one size pocket diapers so we’ve been mixing them in with our normal prefold-snappi-cover routine. I think I almost prefer the pockets because they do a better job of keeping moisture away from his skin. What I don’t like is the price. Who wants to spend $17 per diaper? I’ll be buying more eventually so by the time he’s out of his size small prefolds, we can almost exclusively use pockets but I’ll wait for a sale. Until the diaper rash clears up, we are using microfleece liners in his prefolds to keep him drier.

Everyone always asks if he is sleeping through the night yet. He isn’t but we’re working in that direction! Just this week, he’s cut down nighttime feedings from 3 (2, 4, and 6 AM) to just 2 (4-5 and 8 AM). I got an uninterrupted 5 hours of sleep last night for the first time since August. It felt amazing! I do have a sleep training book that we’re planning on using and once I read it and use the techniques, I’ll let you know how it works.

No, I haven’t actually quit my job yet. They threw a shower for me yesterday which makes me feel awful about quitting since they all said they want me back but as much as I like my coworkers, I didn’t enjoy the work I was doing. If I don’t quit, I’ll feel bad for missing time with Ben. Since at this point we can afford me staying home, I am going to take advantage of that.

B’s new job is going great. He’s been there for almost 4 months and still loves it. One exciting new happening is that his boss (the co-owner of the company) wants to buy the website software that B has developed on the side. If they offer what we’ve asked for it, we can be completely debt free by Christmas! Since we thought it would be another year or two before we reached that point, this is a huge blessing! Paying off our remaining student loans will free up around $800 per month. If all this falls into place, we’re hoping to take Ben to Disney for the first time when he is around 6 months old.

How are you all doing?