Surviving the First Few Weeks Pt 2

It took me several days to write part 1 of this post and never intended to miss things but there are four very important things I used to survive the first few weeks after Ben’s birth that deserve recognition.

1. Monster strength Motrin: Between your uterus shrinking down to size, possible stitches from tears or an episiotomy, breastfeeding woes, and, like me, horrible headaches due to fluctuation in hormone levels, some sort of pain reliever is a must. My OB wrote me a prescription for 600 mg Motrin that I never filled since right before getting pregnant, I had filled my normal one of 800 mg Motrin that I use for headaches. Something strong like that was the only reason I was able to handle the pain of moving from sitting to standing for the first week.

2. My iPhone: I’m not going to enter into the Droid vs iPhone debate but having my phone with me has saved my sanity during nighttime feedings. Between checking emails, blogs, twitter, Pinterest, playing games, texting other new moms, or reading a novel or my daily Bible chapters, I’ve been able to stay awake and alert when I’m feeding Ben. Without my phone, I’d have to have a huge stack of books and other things sitting next to my nursing chair in his room to amuse me. Babies enjoy night feedings but I’m not entirely sure moms do. Having something to keep my attention helps tremendously.

3. Always Infinity Pads: Truthfully, before getting pregnant, I had never thought about the fact that my uterus would not be shedding its lining for 10 months and somehow, that would be resolved post-birth. There is bleeding and lots of it. I LOVE the Always Infinity pads because they are thinner and lighter than regular ones and somehow the material they are made of locks away most of the liquids so it doesn’t feel like you’re sitting in a puddle for weeks on end.

4. Work Email Addresses and Paperwork: One thing I was thankful for was my stash of work email addresses to send the birth announcement, resolve problems or answer questions remotely (yup, still helping out even though I’ve been off work for over 3 weeks already) and to communicate with my HR department to activate my short-term disability and add Ben to our health insurance plan. I can’t imagine wanting to spend that much time on the phone trying to sort things out. With emails, I could shoot back answers whenever I thought of things, be it 2 AM or 2 PM. I also had the paperwork to add Ben to our insurance and start the disability process partially filled out so all I had to do was put in his name, birth date and send them to the office. Efficiency for the win!


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