38.5 Weeks

I thought a quick update was in order since my life has changed quite a bit since I last posted this week.

I went in for another OB appointment on Wednesday morning. I saw a doctor I’ve only ever seen once but she was awesome and also had very small hands, which any woman who has experienced a cervical check will recommend. I did get the cervical check I wanted and am (was) dilated to 5 cm that morning! Holy freaking cow! No wonder BBQ feels like he is about to fall out. Most women I’ve talked to have never been dilated that far and not in active labor in the hospital! It makes we wonder if I’ve missed some sign of active labor but even several days later, my contractions are still all over the place, albiet quite strong, and my water definitely hasn’t broken yet. We’ll be chatting about this at my 39 week checkup next week. Maybe I’ll be able to talk the doc into stripping my membranes to convince BBQ it really is time.

The other significant update is that since BBQ is carrying so low, he’s pushing my pelvis in places it doesn’t want to be and is grinding against my hip bones. I’m having a very difficult time walking, which honestly makes work very difficult. I mentioned that to the doc and she offered to take me off work early, if that was really what I wanted. YES! That’s what I want! She was concerned about taking away time at home with BBQ after he is born but after I told her that I am not planning on returning to work, she was completely on board as long as I make sure to be as active as possible but at whatever pace I am comfortable with. So, I’ve been home from work for two days already now and it has been pretty wonderful. B loves having me around; he keeps telling me that I am now “retired.” I’ve accomplished a lot and hope to feel better prepared by the time the baby arrives (soon, BBQ!).


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