38 Weeks

No lie, every week that I post an update I hope is the last week until the birth announcement and big name reveal. So far, no dice.

B and I finished caulking the kitchen trim this weekend. Not something I expected to do at 38 weeks but hey, it’s done now! Our kitchen remodel project is officially finished! It only took 9 months 🙂

I had another shower on Sunday. It was the last one. It was with my mother-in-laws friends and a few relatives from B’s side of the family in his hometown. It was a little awkward since I’ve only ever met most of the guests once or twice in my life. Even though I didn’t know them, I know they are excited for my in-laws and B. Most of these ladies have known B since he was a wee little thing himself.

Not surprisingly, I received tons of clothes we don’t really need since most everything was sized for 3 months but we did get enough gift receipts to pare down the amount of unnecessary clothes and gear we didn’t need nor did we register for (baby monitor when we already have one). After all 3 showers, I had gotten exactly 1 bottle. Even if breastfeeding works out marvelously, I’m hoping to pump enough that I’ll be able to leave the house and baby with a sitter once in a while. Bottles are important, folks! The amount of necessary things to buy didn’t surprise me much since many of those super important items were on the Amazon registry and I have long thought that would be the least used list.

I went back to the OB yesterday, not for a regular check up, but because I woke up early Monday morning feeling woozy, had a headache and significant upper abdominal pain. All of those signs pointed to preeclamsia and while I was fairly certain I was ok, I’d rather not push it since we’ve had our eyes on my extremely swollen feet and ankles for about a month now. The urine screen was fine and my blood pressure was perfectly normal so we could rule out the most severe issues. The OB thinks that it is probably a virus that I caught from someone else, probably at the office. Since at least 1 of my coworkers left early due to illness yesterday, that wouldn’t be too surprising.

Yesterday was the first time any of the docs had guessed how big BBQ really is. He called BBQ a “nice little package, about the 5 lb range.” It’s nice to know that I probably won’t be giving birth to a giant 10 lb baby, even if I go a week overdue.

My regular 38 week checkup is tomorrow morning, unless I go into labor first (I can’t help but hope!). I really, really hope that I’ll get a cervical check so I’ll know if I made progress in the last week. My contractions are becoming more frequent and definitely stronger and BBQ is carrying really, really low. He makes my back hurt. At some point, this kid might just fall out on his own!


One thought on “38 Weeks

  1. Yay for BBQ almost being here! I hope you feel better and that your check up goes well.

    That’s interesting that they say he is so small. I wonder how accurate that will be when he’s actually born. But every time I hear of small babies, I’m reminded of something I heard at a baby shower recently. There’s something that many doctors and nurses refer to as “wimpy white boy syndrome” in reference to how so many Caucasian male babies are born underweight and have issues gaining for the first few weeks. Sounds like you might have one on your hands! I wonder if I will too…

    Best of luck to you and I hope your cervix looks promising tomorrow!

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