37 Weeks

37 weeks! Only 21 days to go from Tuesday (19 more today). I feel like updating you on how I feel would just make me sound whiney. My pelvis hurts, my feet are swollen and hurt, my back hurts, I’m having stronger and stronger Braxton Hicks contractions daily. This baby just hasn’t come yet!

I had another check up on Tuesday. Apparently, my doctor’s office doesn’t believe in doing cervical checks unless you’ve had significant contractions in the past week. I went into the appointment all excited for an update of some kind and walked out with no new numbers or any idea if I was closer to labor than I was at 36 weeks. I spent most of Tuesday in tears. Goodness, I am a hormonal mess!

It hurts to walk and work but unfortunately my OB won’t sign my FMLA paperwork for a date any earlier than my due date so I’m stuck working until the very end. We keep praying BBQ comes earlier than that because I don’t know if I will be able to physically sit at a desk by that point.

I am pretty darn huge but BBQ has dropped a ton. Most days, he feels like he’s laying in my pelvis between my hips like a hammock. His head is down so we know that’s in place.

B and I installed the curtains in the nursery last weekend. The room looks so much more finished now! Since the curtains went in, I was also able to hang the artwork and start cleaning off surfaces in anticipation of the little one getting here and actually needing to use the changing table to change a baby. I spent the weekend doing tons of laundry in order to strip all the oils out of our new diapers. Those are all set now so I just need to find the energy to put them away.

The hospital bag is almost completely packed. B has to add his toiletries when the time comes and grab my pillow. There is no way I’m spending several days in a hospital bed without my headache-reducing ergonomic pillow!

We went to the fire station in our city to have our car seat installation inspected by a certified professional last Friday evening. B was pleased with himself that he got it in right the first time. We were not sure if it was since it wiggled side to side a little more than expected but it was a productive and educational trip.

So, in summary, we’re ready for our bundle of energy/joy/poo to get here!


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