36 Weeks

I’ve made it to 36 weeks and we’re now in the exciting home stretch. BBQ could quite literally come at any time now. It must have just clicked with B because he’s insisting on finishing the online childbirth class tomorrow and has been plowing through his pre-baby to do list. I wish I had his motivation!

36 weeks means the beginning of weekly OB appointments as well as the group b strep test. The group b test is just a sterile cotton swab the doctor passes through the folds of the vagina to the rectum and then sends off to the lab to make sure you don’t have any little B Streps hanging around in your nether regions. A positive test means antibiotics in your IV during labor to help prevent you passing it along to the baby. I was told that I’ll find out the results at my appointment next week Tuesday.

The doc asked if, since I was already stripped down to almost no clothing, I wanted a cervical check this week. Since I was already disrobed and uncomfortable, I decided I might as well be all the way uncomfortable and get my first check done. It wasn’t at all like a PAP, which was what I expected. No speculum, no bright lights, just the doctor feeling around for signs of dilation and effacement. Turns out it was a good thing she checked. I’m just shy of 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced already! Granted, I could sit at that stage for weeks on end without a change but it also means I’m definitely closer to having this baby than I thought. I guess all the contractions I’ve been having are doing something!

One thing I didn’t realize about cervical checks is that you can bleed… a lot. Like, “holy crap my period is starting” type of bleeding. The OB warned me I might see a little blood when I wipe after going through the bathroom so I wasn’t prepared for the amount of bleeding that I did do. She had also told me to call the labor line if I start bleeding so after several phone calls, the prognosis is that it will stop sometime today (pretty much has) and unless my contractions become more regular and timeable or my water breaks, I won’t be heading to L&D any time soon. Rats! I had lots of hope that I would be spared any more crazy swollen feet or instances of “get this baby out!”.

I texted B with the doctor’s recommendations and he said “‘Or my water will break’… like today? As in ‘we’ll wait and it will stop or else you’ll have a baby today?'” Apparently it hadn’t occurred to him that there isn’t always a big lead up to labor and ANY day could be super eventful.

Since I’m probably not having a baby tonight, I’ve had some chocolate peanut butter ice cream and am putting my feet up for the evening.


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