35 Weeks

Happy 35 weeks to me and little BBQ!

The small one should be a little over 5 lbs and around 19 inches long at this point. It’s hard to look at my belly and imagine someone that big curled up in there. No wonder he wiggles around to get comfortable!

Not a whole lot happened this past week. Mom and I finished sewing the curtains and I collected the supplies to stencil them so when I have the energy (Saturday morning) my plan is to start. I don’t have enough time to procrastinate anymore!

One of my girlfriends and I took the 2 hour drive to Ikea last Sunday I pick up the last few things I wanted for BBQ’s room. It is now as organized as it will get. Now just to finish the decorating….

I am really, really uncomfortable at work by the afternoon. BBQ is riding so low that as the day progresses, it gets more and more difficult to walk. I was just set up to work from home as of yesterday and I can already tell the difference. I don’t dread going to the office in the morning because I know I have an option to escape my torture chair later in the day!

I have a big shower coming up on Sunday and know (yes, I’ve cheated and looked at my registry) that I’m getting close to everything we need to have before BBQ arrives. After Sunday, he can come whenever he wants (soon please!).



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