36 Weeks

I’ve made it to 36 weeks and we’re now in the exciting home stretch. BBQ could quite literally come at any time now. It must have just clicked with B because he’s insisting on finishing the online childbirth class tomorrow and has been plowing through his pre-baby to do list. I wish I had his motivation!

36 weeks means the beginning of weekly OB appointments as well as the group b strep test. The group b test is just a sterile cotton swab the doctor passes through the folds of the vagina to the rectum and then sends off to the lab to make sure you don’t have any little B Streps hanging around in your nether regions. A positive test means antibiotics in your IV during labor to help prevent you passing it along to the baby. I was told that I’ll find out the results at my appointment next week Tuesday.

The doc asked if, since I was already stripped down to almost no clothing, I wanted a cervical check this week. Since I was already disrobed and uncomfortable, I decided I might as well be all the way uncomfortable and get my first check done. It wasn’t at all like a PAP, which was what I expected. No speculum, no bright lights, just the doctor feeling around for signs of dilation and effacement. Turns out it was a good thing she checked. I’m just shy of 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced already! Granted, I could sit at that stage for weeks on end without a change but it also means I’m definitely closer to having this baby than I thought. I guess all the contractions I’ve been having are doing something!

One thing I didn’t realize about cervical checks is that you can bleed… a lot. Like, “holy crap my period is starting” type of bleeding. The OB warned me I might see a little blood when I wipe after going through the bathroom so I wasn’t prepared for the amount of bleeding that I did do. She had also told me to call the labor line if I start bleeding so after several phone calls, the prognosis is that it will stop sometime today (pretty much has) and unless my contractions become more regular and timeable or my water breaks, I won’t be heading to L&D any time soon. Rats! I had lots of hope that I would be spared any more crazy swollen feet or instances of “get this baby out!”.

I texted B with the doctor’s recommendations and he said “‘Or my water will break’… like today? As in ‘we’ll wait and it will stop or else you’ll have a baby today?'” Apparently it hadn’t occurred to him that there isn’t always a big lead up to labor and ANY day could be super eventful.

Since I’m probably not having a baby tonight, I’ve had some chocolate peanut butter ice cream and am putting my feet up for the evening.


35 Weeks

Happy 35 weeks to me and little BBQ!

The small one should be a little over 5 lbs and around 19 inches long at this point. It’s hard to look at my belly and imagine someone that big curled up in there. No wonder he wiggles around to get comfortable!

Not a whole lot happened this past week. Mom and I finished sewing the curtains and I collected the supplies to stencil them so when I have the energy (Saturday morning) my plan is to start. I don’t have enough time to procrastinate anymore!

One of my girlfriends and I took the 2 hour drive to Ikea last Sunday I pick up the last few things I wanted for BBQ’s room. It is now as organized as it will get. Now just to finish the decorating….

I am really, really uncomfortable at work by the afternoon. BBQ is riding so low that as the day progresses, it gets more and more difficult to walk. I was just set up to work from home as of yesterday and I can already tell the difference. I don’t dread going to the office in the morning because I know I have an option to escape my torture chair later in the day!

I have a big shower coming up on Sunday and know (yes, I’ve cheated and looked at my registry) that I’m getting close to everything we need to have before BBQ arrives. After Sunday, he can come whenever he wants (soon please!).



34 Weeks

34 weeks and BBQ is the size and heft of a┬ácantaloupe (slightly under 5 lbs). I’m definitely feeling it too. Sometimes it feels like he is doing the splits and pushing my hip bones in opposite directions! All of a sudden, 6 weeks doesn’t sound like enough time. One of my coworkers reminded me that during her first pregnancy, at 34 weeks she was only 2 1/12 weeks away from giving birth! Whoa, really soon!

I’m feeling pretty large and slow. I waddle everywhere now and it’s pretty typical for me to not be able to wear shoes by the end of the day. I’m completely convinced that none of my shoes will fit again until after BBQ gets here. Hopefully it will stay warm long enough into September so I can just wear sandals for the next 6 weeks.

B and I did a maternity photoshoot on Sunday. We went out to a local park and took pictures for about an hour. I have been collecting maternity photo ideas on Pinterest and picked a handful of props to use. I bought 12 blue latex balloons, a small pair of red Converse lowtops (B’s signature look through high school and college), a 12×12 photo frame I recently finished painting to match the nursery, wood blocks to spell out his still secret first name, and the infant Mickey ears hat we bought in Disney World back in May. I’m hoping that B gets a chance to edit them next week after his conference is over next weekend.

Mom and I worked on the curtains on Saturday for about 5 hours. We have 2 completely sewn panels, one panel that is pinned together and one that we somehow messed up big time. We couldn’t figure out any combination of cuts that we made that would have gotten the piece 13 inches too short but that’s how it ended up. Thankfully, I had a big enough spare piece of fabric for Mom to fix it. After I stencil the panel, you’ll never notice that it was pieced together.

B spend the same amount of time on Saturday installing the baseboards in the kitchen/eating area/hallway/entry. I taped all the vertical edges on Sunday and am slowly working on caulking everything this week. I hope to be done by the weekend but can’t promise much. Either way, just having the trim attached to the walls and the transition pieces in place makes a HUGE difference. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

My friend recommended a new app called Water Your Body and for the low-low price of .99 cents, I now get reminders 4 times a day to drink water. It measures my accomplishments and grades my progress. The ideal number is based on my weight plus a variety of lifestyle choices, including pregnancy. Hopefully, I have enough of perfectionist left in me to keep from getting an F every day!


33 Weeks

7 weeks or 55 days left. That seems like both the longest and shortest period of time ever.

I can tell that my belly is dropping so progress is being made there. BBQ can kick much lower than he ever has and my belly is much less round and much more sitting in my lap. My chiropractor told me this week that my joints have loosened up too so my body is moving toward giving birth to this wiggly beast.

My sisters threw me a shower this past weekend. I got tons of great stuff like clothes, bibs, blankets, toys and the swing we’re praying BBQ loves. One shower got delayed until September so the next one isn’t until the end of the month. That means I get to sneak in an Ikea trip in a few weeks!

My mom and I have plans to work on the curtains next Saturday. I’m hoping that with motivation this week, the panels will be ready to stencil after next weekend. I still don’t have my sewing machine back from the shop so I wouldn’t be able to sew them on my own anyway.