32 Weeks

32 weeks is starting to freak me out. Somehow, I actually have to give birth to this little boy! There are so many unknowns since I’ve never done this before. Seriously, freaking out!

I had another OB appointment today and my doctor reminded me that I’m 80% done! He pointed out a few important things like how any fluid in my feet and legs present during the day gets redistributed around my body overnight and if I’m wearing my wedding rings, I risk swelling up and having to have them cut off. Needless to say, my rings are now off and safely stored until after BBQ arrives.

B and I went on the labor and delivery tour at our chosen hospital tonight. I’m really excited about our choice of hospital (there are 3 major hospitals in our area). All of the delivery and post-partum rooms are private and the delivery rooms have jacuzzi tubs! There is plenty of space for B and the nurses are very helpful and friendly. They are big supporters of post-birth skin-to-skin contact for mother and baby and of the baby staying in the room as much as possible. As much as I’m freaking out, I’m also excited for this experience.

Can I talk about one of my biggest frustrations with maternity clothes? As you have probably noticed, I’m a very small person. Not only am I short, I have a smaller skeletal structure. I started looking at nursing bras this week and it turns out that no store in our city sells a nursing bra that doesn’t look like a sports bra in my size. Apparently women with 32″ rib cages don’t have babies?! I found a few sites online that sell my size but for about twice the cost of my regular Victoria’s Secret favorites. I think what I’ll attempt to do is alter a few regular wireless cotton bras up a size from normal to be nursing bras. All that really needs to change is the clasp to open the cup area and a secondary strap behind the cup to keep the bra from falling apart when unhooked. Anything to save $30-$40 per bra, right?


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