31 Weeks

Excuse my momentary freak out when I realize my due date is 2 months from today! Holy crap, we’re going to have a baby! In 2 months!

BBQ is semi-officially a giant baby, at least compared to 10 weeks ago! He’s still measuring spot on for his age so right around 16 inches and 3 1/3 lbs. Grow baby grow!

Does that mean I have worked on the curtains at all? Nope, but I’ve considered it. I’m starting to think ill recruit my mom and we’ll have a sewing bootcamp day and get them finished all at once. It doesn’t help I need to buy more blackout fabric and the only store that carries it is the farthest fabric store from our house.

Anyone else super excited for the Olympics coming up? Deep down, I’ve been secretly hoping that I’d be on bed rest during the Olympics so I can watch every.single.event. Yup, I’m one of those people. I’ll watch as many events as I can for the 2ish weeks of the games. We’re not allowed to make plans for Friday because the opening ceremony is on. We even resubscribed to cable since NBC was the only channel we couldn’t get with our antenna. I can’t wait!


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