30 Weeks

It’s like someone flipped a switch and all of a sudden I am tired all the time. It is like first trimester exhaustion except that I am much larger this time around. I bought myself a body pillow (thank you Target for good back to school sales) and that is helping me sleep a little better.

Our family and friends have planned three showers for us during August. One is for my side of the family and friends, one is for B’s hometown family and friends and one for his mom’s side of the family. I’ve always loved any excuse to have a party and having a baby is a great one!

B’s first week of work at his new job went well. I don’t know how we worked this out but he will be getting two paychecks, one from each company, next week. Hopefully we’ll be able to buy the computer he needs soon to make his job more flexible.

It is very much starting to weigh on me that I have not yet finished the curtains for BBQ’s room. Every night I know I need to work on them but every night something comes up. B is supposed to be working on that kitchen trim tomorrow afternoon so maybe I will have a chance to work on the curtains at the same time. Since I only have between six and 10 weeks left, I am feeling the pressure! If you remember, leave me a comment and remind me how important it is that I finish these soon. Once I get the curtains finished and installed, I will post more photos of the nursery.


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