29 Weeks

29 Weeks must be the beginning of the uncomfortable stage.

I’m not sleeping well anymore. I wake up multiple times a night and it takes for-ev-er to fall back asleep. My belly is heavy and large enough to keep me from getting comfortable. I feel like BBQ and I are playing wack-a-mole with his little appendages. I push in an elbow, out pops a foot. I push in a foot, out pops a knee! There is no winning at this game!

We took a long weekend and went on vacation with our college friends. We love them dearly and are sad that we are so spread out (across the state and a couple in California) so it was very, very good to spend time catching up and soaking up every minute. We spent the weekend at one of their parents’ cottage a few hours north of where we live, pretty close to the lake.

The National Park posters that we had printed on canvas came in the mail this week! They are wonderful! I cannot wait to hang them (really, have B hang them) in BBQ’s room.

National Park Posters


One thought on “29 Weeks

  1. Cool prints! Sorry you’re in the uncomfy stage, but I am still so thrilled with every post you’ve made because I am excited you’ve made it this far! Yay!

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