27 Weeks

27 weeks… over a week ago! Sorry for getting behind. The last few weeks have been nuts.

BBQ is over a foot long (14 or so inches) and a little over 2 lbs. He’s getting much bigger every week so every week I experience more and more of his poking, pushing, and stretching.

The biggest news during 27 weeks was I had another OB appointment and this time I got to do the glucose test for gestational diabetes. I had nightmares of failing; I couldn’t imagine summer without popsicles or ice cream! The office gave me a choice of flavor for the glucose drink so I chose lemon lime. It was clear (the others were orange and fruit punch) so it looked the most normal. It tasted like really concentrated, flat Sprite. I chugged that down and headed off to the doctor’s office. I passed that test with flying colors! Since they had already poked my finger, they tested my iron levels at the same time. What do you know, I am severely anemic! I had no clue since I wasn’t experiencing any extremem fatigue. I have another appointment in the middle of July and until then am on iron supplements 3 times a day and an increased diet of foods high in iron. Of all the things that could happen, that didn’t seem like a bad turn out.

Last weekend we went to a gender reveal party hosted by our friends who are having a baby 5 short weeks after us. After a great amount of anticipation, we learned (and they learned!) they are having a boy too! The husband is one of B’s best friends for 15 or so years and they live only a few miles from us so we are doubly excited that we get to raise our boys together. Next summer will be so much fun!


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