32 Weeks

32 weeks is starting to freak me out. Somehow, I actually have to give birth to this little boy! There are so many unknowns since I’ve never done this before. Seriously, freaking out!

I had another OB appointment today and my doctor reminded me that I’m 80% done! He pointed out a few important things like how any fluid in my feet and legs present during the day gets redistributed around my body overnight and if I’m wearing my wedding rings, I risk swelling up and having to have them cut off. Needless to say, my rings are now off and safely stored until after BBQ arrives.

B and I went on the labor and delivery tour at our chosen hospital tonight. I’m really excited about our choice of hospital (there are 3 major hospitals in our area). All of the delivery and post-partum rooms are private and the delivery rooms have jacuzzi tubs! There is plenty of space for B and the nurses are very helpful and friendly. They are big supporters of post-birth skin-to-skin contact for mother and baby and of the baby staying in the room as much as possible. As much as I’m freaking out, I’m also excited for this experience.

Can I talk about one of my biggest frustrations with maternity clothes? As you have probably noticed, I’m a very small person. Not only am I short, I have a smaller skeletal structure. I started looking at nursing bras this week and it turns out that no store in our city sells a nursing bra that doesn’t look like a sports bra in my size. Apparently women with 32″ rib cages don’t have babies?! I found a few sites online that sell my size but for about twice the cost of my regular Victoria’s Secret favorites. I think what I’ll attempt to do is alter a few regular wireless cotton bras up a size from normal to be nursing bras. All that really needs to change is the clasp to open the cup area and a secondary strap behind the cup to keep the bra from falling apart when unhooked. Anything to save $30-$40 per bra, right?


31 Weeks

Excuse my momentary freak out when I realize my due date is 2 months from today! Holy crap, we’re going to have a baby! In 2 months!

BBQ is semi-officially a giant baby, at least compared to 10 weeks ago! He’s still measuring spot on for his age so right around 16 inches and 3 1/3 lbs. Grow baby grow!

Does that mean I have worked on the curtains at all? Nope, but I’ve considered it. I’m starting to think ill recruit my mom and we’ll have a sewing bootcamp day and get them finished all at once. It doesn’t help I need to buy more blackout fabric and the only store that carries it is the farthest fabric store from our house.

Anyone else super excited for the Olympics coming up? Deep down, I’ve been secretly hoping that I’d be on bed rest during the Olympics so I can watch every.single.event. Yup, I’m one of those people. I’ll watch as many events as I can for the 2ish weeks of the games. We’re not allowed to make plans for Friday because the opening ceremony is on. We even resubscribed to cable since NBC was the only channel we couldn’t get with our antenna. I can’t wait!


30 Weeks

It’s like someone flipped a switch and all of a sudden I am tired all the time. It is like first trimester exhaustion except that I am much larger this time around. I bought myself a body pillow (thank you Target for good back to school sales) and that is helping me sleep a little better.

Our family and friends have planned three showers for us during August. One is for my side of the family and friends, one is for B’s hometown family and friends and one for his mom’s side of the family. I’ve always loved any excuse to have a party and having a baby is a great one!

B’s first week of work at his new job went well. I don’t know how we worked this out but he will be getting two paychecks, one from each company, next week. Hopefully we’ll be able to buy the computer he needs soon to make his job more flexible.

It is very much starting to weigh on me that I have not yet finished the curtains for BBQ’s room. Every night I know I need to work on them but every night something comes up. B is supposed to be working on that kitchen trim tomorrow afternoon so maybe I will have a chance to work on the curtains at the same time. Since I only have between six and 10 weeks left, I am feeling the pressure! If you remember, leave me a comment and remind me how important it is that I finish these soon. Once I get the curtains finished and installed, I will post more photos of the nursery.


29 Weeks

29 Weeks must be the beginning of the uncomfortable stage.

I’m not sleeping well anymore. I wake up multiple times a night and it takes for-ev-er to fall back asleep. My belly is heavy and large enough to keep me from getting comfortable. I feel like BBQ and I are playing wack-a-mole with his little appendages. I push in an elbow, out pops a foot. I push in a foot, out pops a knee! There is no winning at this game!

We took a long weekend and went on vacation with our college friends. We love them dearly and are sad that we are so spread out (across the state and a couple in California) so it was very, very good to spend time catching up and soaking up every minute. We spent the weekend at one of their parents’ cottage a few hours north of where we live, pretty close to the lake.

The National Park posters that we had printed on canvas came in the mail this week! They are wonderful! I cannot wait to hang them (really, have B hang them) in BBQ’s room.

National Park Posters


28 Weeks

Welcome to the third trimester (already)! It’s hard to believe in less than 3 months, I’ll get to meet this squirmy child of mine.

Week 28 was interesting for a variety of reasons, one of which was because the 4th of July landed on Wednesday this year. My parents made plans long ago to take younger sister R to China, her birth country, with a tour group that specialized in homeland tours for adopted kids and we know they’d be gone over the 4th. My older brother and sister-in-law moved into my parents house to watch the dogs and little sister K but didn’t have flexible enough work schedules to stay home with her the two Mondays they would be gone. Since I agreed to watch K on Monday, it made sense to take Tuesday off work since the office was closed Wednesday. I had a 5 day stay-cation!

We had grand plans of doing awesome things like going to the water park or the zoo but since it was 95+ degrees each day, we opted to stay home in the air conditioning. My very swollen feet and ankles thanked me! Even K, after trying to play with bubbles outside, agreed it was too hot to play at the beach and the heat would probably make BBQ sick. Since we wanted to stay indoors, we made craft projects, played Little People, bought a volume of Duck Tales on DVD and watched many episodes, went to the library, and played with the cats. I also had a chance to catch up on chores like laundry and painting the kitchen window trim.

My three days at home went really well. I thought I would be bored if I wasn’t working all the time but I’m starting to see that I’ll enjoy having time during the day to run errands and get things done around the house instead of cramming them all into my few post-work hours.

This was B’s second to last week at his current job but has started working in the evenings and on weekends for the new company. He hopes to earn enough to buy himself a new computer sooner rather than later since when he finishes with the current job on the 13th, he has to ship his laptop back to the office. So far, he is loving the new job and gets really excited to work on those projects but I miss hanging out with him at night.

Speaking of projects, we’ve started cutting the baseboards for the kitchen, eating area, entry and hallway to the bedrooms. The pieces aren’t even nailed in yet but they look so good! Our plan is to cut the baseboards and base shoe to size and then borrow a finishing nail gun to install everything in an afternoon. Then I get to fill nail holes, patch up paint and caulk all the seams. Yay!

To finish things off with a bang, here’s a new photo! It’s not very flattering or accurate since I’m bending over a little to take it. I’m definitely bigger than what that photo shows off!

28 Weeks


27 Weeks

27 weeks… over a week ago! Sorry for getting behind. The last few weeks have been nuts.

BBQ is over a foot long (14 or so inches) and a little over 2 lbs. He’s getting much bigger every week so every week I experience more and more of his poking, pushing, and stretching.

The biggest news during 27 weeks was I had another OB appointment and this time I got to do the glucose test for gestational diabetes. I had nightmares of failing; I couldn’t imagine summer without popsicles or ice cream! The office gave me a choice of flavor for the glucose drink so I chose lemon lime. It was clear (the others were orange and fruit punch) so it looked the most normal. It tasted like really concentrated, flat Sprite. I chugged that down and headed off to the doctor’s office. I passed that test with flying colors! Since they had already poked my finger, they tested my iron levels at the same time. What do you know, I am severely anemic! I had no clue since I wasn’t experiencing any extremem fatigue. I have another appointment in the middle of July and until then am on iron supplements 3 times a day and an increased diet of foods high in iron. Of all the things that could happen, that didn’t seem like a bad turn out.

Last weekend we went to a gender reveal party hosted by our friends who are having a baby 5 short weeks after us. After a great amount of anticipation, we learned (and they learned!) they are having a boy too! The husband is one of B’s best friends for 15 or so years and they live only a few miles from us so we are doubly excited that we get to raise our boys together. Next summer will be so much fun!