26 Weeks

26 weeks was full of exciting things for our family. A casual inquiry about an open job position at a web development firm by B turned into a very good interview that ultimately lead to an excellent job offer! The new job has many of the same perks as his old one like working from home in a field he loves but pays significantly more and doesn’t require any supervisory time.

The pay increase is large enough that I am definitely going to be able to quit my job after BBQ arrives this fall! Unfortunately, our health insurance is through my employer so we’ll have to look into other options (B’s chiropractor swears by their HSA) but that also means I really cannot quit before BBQ is here and we know that he doesn’t have any long term health issues we’ll be facing. As much as I’d love to spend the entirety of the third trimester at home, working on projects and getting things ready for the little guy, it’s much better for the family if we keep the same insurance through the delivery.

BBQ’s newest trick is that instead of kicking, he pushes with his feet, head, knees, elbows, or bum really, really hard. I have, on multiple occasions, been able to grab hold of a pointy little limb through my belly. It’s definitely much less comfortable than the little kicks I had been feeling.

Mom called last Friday to tell me her neighbor (with a little boy) was having a garage sale an invited us over after the sale closed for a “great deal” on whatever we wanted that was left. I’m not one to turn down a great deal so I went after work. Mom had already bought a bag of clothes (mostly 6-9 months) and a bag of white prefold cloth diapers for $9 after a neighbor discount. We browsed for a while and came away with 3 more very full bags of baby boy clothes ranging from newborn to 24 months for free! I spent a good portion of the weekend washing wee little pants, shirts and sleepers. I’m pretty sure my yet-to-be-born child has more to wear than I do! I have a large Rubbermaid tub full of anything larger than 6 months. I don’t think I’ll have to buy much more for a while!


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