25 Weeks

Since I don’t have too many new factoids to share for 25 weeks, I thought I’d share the photos of BBQ’s room. The painters came during 25 weeks (only gave us a 1 day notice!) so B, my older brother, mom and myself spent an evening emptying the room, sanding and washing the walls, and painting trim. I bought a Living Social voucher back in January to have the room painted for $90. It was completely worth it! I left for work in the morning and the room was mint green and came home to beautifully done gray.

B put the furniture together when I was at work the next day. It’s turning into one of our favorite rooms in the house! The mobile I ordered from Etsy came this past week so I’m hoping to hang it up before the work week starts.

Dresser WallCrib WallChair Corder


3 thoughts on “25 Weeks

  1. I can’t remember, have you shared if BBQ is a boy or girl? Or are you keeping it a secret on your blog? Or better yet, keeping it secret from yourselves?

    Either way, the room is looking good!

      • Oh yay! I sort of figured that with the green and orange accents I saw on the dresser, but also couldn’t tell if the wall was a light shade of purple.

        I love the gray! It seems so drab, but I think it’s becoming the new “it” color, almost like a replacement for beige, and there is just so much you can do with it!

        I’m still so excited for you!

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