22 Weeks

Well, hello there, 22 Weeks! When did you get here?

I wish I had more exciting news to report but at this point, not much has changed. BBQ is slightly longer and weighs slightly more but that is about it. Apparently his pancreas is functioning now.

I feel like all I’ve been doing for the lady few weeks is sewing for the upcoming weekend. I finished the big project on Wednesday and the small one last night. B is wrapping up the last of the cooking and baking while I spend the morning at work and then we’re off on adventures! It’s supposed to be really hot this weekend so I’ll have to be especially careful to stay hydrated and in the shade.

Have a great Memorial Day!


21 Weeks

According to the internet, at 21 weeks, BBQ weighs around 3/4 of a pound and is 11 inches from head to toe. He’s definitely kicking stronger now!

The rest of our vacation was as good as the first half. We had a blast! My sleep schedule has been thrown off since coming home though and BBQ is kicking a lot harder so I’m struggling to recover from all of the fun. I did a ton of yard work on Sunday and Monday so I’m also struggling with limbs that don’t want to work. It was a good workout apparently!

My mother in law came over for Mother’s day so we ate a ton and went antiquing. I found a wonderful vintage globe for BBQ’s room and two child sized wooden folding chairs that are the exact replica of our adult ones that we use for reenacting. I snatched those up right away.

Our first reenactment of the year is over Memorial Day weekend so I’m spending all my time between now and then cleaning gear, packing and sewing so I actually have something to wear that fits. It makes for a busy month!


20 Weeks

I missed writing about 20 weeks because we were too busy enjoying Disney World for the last time as adults without kids. It was so fun!

We flew in on Sunday and hit the park late that afternoon. I was pleased to find that I didn’t get motion sickness while flying but man, oh man, did BBQ have some opinions about being in an airplane. He moved constantly from take off until touchdown. Thankfully, the longest of our two flights was 2 hours so I still could get up and move often enough.


19 Weeks

It’s a boy!

The ultrasound went very well on Thursday. Apparently I’m pretty easy to scan and BBQ was behaving himself as well. We are over the moon excited about having a boy. B is already planning on all the awesome stuff they are going to do together.

We’re on our way to Disney today. BBQ and I did ok on the plane, which is thrilling. I didn’t want to spend the rest of the day sick. Our next flight leaves in about 35 minutes so I’ve got to find food and hustle back to our gate.