17 Weeks and 4 Days

Warning! This will probably turn out to be a stream of consciousness post.

I was woken up way too early this morning (7:15) by our kitty who only ever wants to snuggle when it’s least convenient for us. For me, that’s always when I’m sleeping. B can fall back asleep with no problems but once I’m up, I’m up for good.

I lounged in bed for an hour, checking my email, RSS feeds, twitter, craigslist, did my Bible reading but had to get up because BBQ kept kicking me in the rib. I was hungry anyway so it was time.

After a bowl of oatmeal squares and completing a few online surveys for mypoints, I jumped into the newsletter email I got from Cotton Babies, manufacturer and seller of such awesome cloth diapering systems such as Fuzzibunz, bumGenius, and Flip. The email said they were running a buy 5, get 1 free sale on bumGenius diapers and although that isn’t the greatest sale ever, that brand hardly ever goes on sale so I was excited to save some money. I ended up with the 6 bumGenius 4.0 one-size diapers, 2 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps in size small and 2 Thirsties Duo Wraps with snaps. The Super Whisper wraps and Duo wraps are just the waterproof outer layer to put over the white cloth prefold diapers that our moms and grandmas used on us and our parents. They are the modern version of rubber pants. I get geekily excited about diapers. B was laughing at me last weekend when I started taking inventory of what I have bought so far. I’m getting close to only needing a few dozen prefolds and a few more covers and I can be done buying diapers for a while. I think that total, I have spent about $200 on diapers. It feels like a lot of money but I know how much disposables cost so someday I will be very thankful for that investment.

We get to pick up our trailer this afternoon! Today is the first day it hasn’t rained in almost a week and I’m very glad. I’m hoping we can get a quick lesson on how to set it up and so I can get a peek at what all the previous owners left in there for us. I know that we’re getting some fun lights to go on our awning and a set of full size sheets. It will be nice to move all of our camping gear out of the garage and basement and into the trailer for full time storage. The only things that need to stay out are the things we use for Civil War reenactments (have I ever mentioned we’re reenactors?).

Time to post and log out I think. I have to start working on an email to my good friend in Washington who has been a huge support for me during the TTC process. She found out yesterday that her husband is going to be deployed again in November after spending several months (August through October) in Georgia for training. This ruins all their plans of trying to get pregnant (she’d have the baby while he’s gone) or starting the adoption process this fall. My heart breaks for her.


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