16 Weeks

I’ve reached 16 weeks and 3 weeks from tomorrow is our next ultrasound! We’re still praying the baby is enough of a show off that we’ll be able to find out the sex so I can stop calling the baby him/her.

We started working on the nursery this past weekend. We spent about an hour just cleaning the room and moving random piles of baby stuff into the closet so the room is more empty. B has claimed the room as a temporary office because, as he pointed out, it has two windows and his basement office doesn’t have any. We made a deal that he can use it as an office as long as he wants but I’m calling the painters once we get back from our vacation in May and the furniture has to be moved by then. Other than moving the furniture, we need to sand, patch and repaint the trim and fill a few holes in the walls. The room also came with a custom built shelf that fits in a little nook where I’ve put the dresser and future diaper storage. That needs to be painted the same white as the trim.

It seems like our list of projects keeps getting longer!


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