15 Weeks

Apparently I’m not very good at remembering to post during the week!

I hit the 15 week mark on Tuesday so Baby is about the size of an adult fist or apple if you prefer fruit analogies. I’m not as nauseous as I once was but still have days where I forget that my stomach has less room to expand than it used to and make myself sick by overeating. I’m trying hard to never do that again!

B edited the 14 and 15 weeks photos last weekend but accidentally labeled them with the wrong weeks so I still haven’t been able to post them. I feel like I’m larger around but looking at the pictures, you can barely tell so just imagine the last one I posted saying 15 weeks. That will be pretty accurate.

Only 4 weeks from yesterday until our next ultrasound! I can’t wait to tell you all if it’s a boy or girl. I’m a mixed up batch of old wives tales, about 50% boy and 50% girl so I’m (impatiently) waiting.

Almost as exciting as the upcoming ultrasound is that 3 days later, we get to leave for Disney World! I bought our park tickets yesterday and that was the last big expense other than paying off our hotel room when we get there. I think about the trip every day. I can’t wait!

I’m looking forward to a quiet and restful weekend. We actually aren’t going anywhere or cooking anything special for Easter either. I might pull some leftover ham out of the freezer and make soup and have considered taking on a no bake cheesecake recipe I found on pinterest. My parents will be driving home from Florida on Sunday and B’s side of the family almost never gets together for holidays so we get to enjoy ourselves at home. My hope is that I get a chance to attack the mess that will eventually be the baby’s room and do a little bit of preliminary yard clean up.

Happy Easter!


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