18 Weeks

Let’s play another round of How Big is Baby! Today, BBQ is about the length of a large bell pepper (5 1/2 inches).

I ended up going into the OB’s office yesterday because I thought something was off. I peed in a cup for the lab and got to hear BBQ’s heartbeat again. I can’t hear it often enough! The nurse found BBQ right away but he/she scooted away from the wand. The nurse looked at me and said, “Oh, you’ve got a mover!” Yup, I’m very much aware! BBQ is almost constantly on the move. Before we were able to pin down his/her new location, BBQ kicked the Doppler wand! It’s was horribly hard to not start giggling at how crazy this child was acting. Apparently, BBQ doesn’t like getting poked.

Unfortunately for me, the urine sample didn’t come back clear so I got shoved in another exam room to wait for the doc but they never told me what was wrong! I could only think of worse case scenarios (leaking amniotic fluid, baby is dying, etc). Thankfully, it was just a UTI so I was given a prescription for antibiotics and walked out the door. I was wondering why I had to go to the bathroom more often than during the first trimester when BBQ was sitting on my bladder. Now I have an answer!

We’re down to a week and 2 days until the ultrasound and a week and 5 days until Disney. I’m too excited for both! Before we leave for vacation, I’ll make sure I let you know what BBQ showed off or didn’t during the appointment.


17 Weeks and 4 Days

Warning! This will probably turn out to be a stream of consciousness post.

I was woken up way too early this morning (7:15) by our kitty who only ever wants to snuggle when it’s least convenient for us. For me, that’s always when I’m sleeping. B can fall back asleep with no problems but once I’m up, I’m up for good.

I lounged in bed for an hour, checking my email, RSS feeds, twitter, craigslist, did my Bible reading but had to get up because BBQ kept kicking me in the rib. I was hungry anyway so it was time.

After a bowl of oatmeal squares and completing a few online surveys for mypoints, I jumped into the newsletter email I got from Cotton Babies, manufacturer and seller of such awesome cloth diapering systems such as Fuzzibunz, bumGenius, and Flip. The email said they were running a buy 5, get 1 free sale on bumGenius diapers and although that isn’t the greatest sale ever, that brand hardly ever goes on sale so I was excited to save some money. I ended up with the 6 bumGenius 4.0 one-size diapers, 2 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps in size small and 2 Thirsties Duo Wraps with snaps. The Super Whisper wraps and Duo wraps are just the waterproof outer layer to put over the white cloth prefold diapers that our moms and grandmas used on us and our parents. They are the modern version of rubber pants. I get geekily excited about diapers. B was laughing at me last weekend when I started taking inventory of what I have bought so far. I’m getting close to only needing a few dozen prefolds¬†and a few more covers and I can be done buying diapers for a while. I think that total, I have spent about $200 on diapers. It feels like a lot of money but I know how much disposables cost so someday I will be very thankful for that investment.

We get to pick up our trailer this afternoon! Today is the first day it hasn’t rained in almost a week and I’m very glad. I’m hoping we can get a quick lesson on how to set it up and so I can get a peek at what all the previous owners left in there for us. I know that we’re getting some fun lights to go on our awning and a set of full size sheets. It will be nice to move all of our camping gear out of the garage and basement and into the trailer for full time storage. The only things that need to stay out are the things we use for Civil War reenactments (have I ever mentioned we’re reenactors?).

Time to post and log out I think. I have to start working on an email to my good friend in Washington who has been a huge support for me during the TTC process. She found out yesterday that her husband is going to be deployed again in November after spending several months (August through October) in Georgia for training. This ruins all their plans of trying to get pregnant (she’d have the baby while he’s gone) or starting the adoption process this fall. My heart breaks for her.


17 Weeks

As much as I thought that the weeks leading up to vacation would crawl by, I’m trying to figure out how to slow them down! I’ve been so darn busy the last week that I’ve barely had time to think!

To make up for the quiet, restful Easter weekend we had, the last 4 days have been all go and no sit. We’ve had parties with the campus ministry, both small and large, parties with the family, and my littlest sister’s spring school concert. It’s not normally something I would go to but she specifically asked if I would be there and didn’t have the heart to tell her no.

Two monumental things took place this week. B gave the baby his/her placeholder name that we’ll use until he/she is born. It started out as my mother in law calling the baby Q. B liked the name because it reminded him of James Bond. Yesterday he kept calling him/her Baby Q and it definitely sounded like BBQ. We got a kick out of it and the name stuck. BBQ it is! I’m quite excited to throw one last pre-kids party this summer. A BBQ for BBQ, as it were.

The second big thing is that I can now feel BBQ move! It is probably the strangest thing I’ve ever felt in my life. The first time it felt like bubbles (at 16 weeks and 3 days) but now I can definitely tell that it is a kick or punch. BBQ has been hanging out just below my belly button and gets really excited right after I eat and if I’m sitting down. It isn’t uncomfortable yet, just distracting. Add this to the list of things that prove there really is a living thing in there!

I have still been unsuccessful squeezing the edited official weekly photos from B (to be fair, he’s been working extra hours writing marketing sales copy for a new product he’s launching) so I thought I’d take one of my own. Enjoy!



16 Weeks

I’ve reached 16 weeks and 3 weeks from tomorrow is our next ultrasound! We’re still praying the baby is enough of a show off that we’ll be able to find out the sex so I can stop calling the baby him/her.

We started working on the nursery this past weekend. We spent about an hour just cleaning the room and moving random piles of baby stuff into the closet so the room is more empty. B has claimed the room as a temporary office because, as he pointed out, it has two windows and his basement office doesn’t have any. We made a deal that he can use it as an office as long as he wants but I’m calling the painters once we get back from our vacation in May and the furniture has to be moved by then. Other than moving the furniture, we need to sand, patch and repaint the trim and fill a few holes in the walls. The room also came with a custom built shelf that fits in a little nook where I’ve put the dresser and future diaper storage. That needs to be painted the same white as the trim.

It seems like our list of projects keeps getting longer!


15 Weeks

Apparently I’m not very good at remembering to post during the week!

I hit the 15 week mark on Tuesday so Baby is about the size of an adult fist or apple if you prefer fruit analogies. I’m not as nauseous as I once was but still have days where I forget that my stomach has less room to expand than it used to and make myself sick by overeating. I’m trying hard to never do that again!

B edited the 14 and 15 weeks photos last weekend but accidentally labeled them with the wrong weeks so I still haven’t been able to post them. I feel like I’m larger around but looking at the pictures, you can barely tell so just imagine the last one I posted saying 15 weeks. That will be pretty accurate.

Only 4 weeks from yesterday until our next ultrasound! I can’t wait to tell you all if it’s a boy or girl. I’m a mixed up batch of old wives tales, about 50% boy and 50% girl so I’m (impatiently) waiting.

Almost as exciting as the upcoming ultrasound is that 3 days later, we get to leave for Disney World! I bought our park tickets yesterday and that was the last big expense other than paying off our hotel room when we get there. I think about the trip every day. I can’t wait!

I’m looking forward to a quiet and restful weekend. We actually aren’t going anywhere or cooking anything special for Easter either. I might pull some leftover ham out of the freezer and make soup and have considered taking on a no bake cheesecake recipe I found on pinterest. My parents will be driving home from Florida on Sunday and B’s side of the family almost never gets together for holidays so we get to enjoy ourselves at home. My hope is that I get a chance to attack the mess that will eventually be the baby’s room and do a little bit of preliminary yard clean up.

Happy Easter!