(Almost) 15 Weeks

14 week check up went well. I got to meet the third OB at the practice (there are 5) and he was the one that delivered my friend’s baby last year and he is her favorite. He was just as wonderful as she said! We had a great time talking about Disney World and refiguring exactly how far along I was as of the appointment. Based on possible dates of conception, we’re going with the new week starting on Tuesday, so even though I considered myself 14 weeks last Saturday, for accuracy’s sake, I’m switching to Tuesday.

If you are anything like me, you’re wondering what all happens during these prenatal appointments. I had no clue going in! Other than the first appointment (10 week pap and pelvic exam), I’ve peed in a cup, been weighed, the nurse takes my vitals (heartbeat, blood pressure, etc) and then we get to hear the baby’s heartbeat! Baby is hanging out slightly to the left of center if center is my belly button. The heartbeat sounds like a mix between the whoosh-whoosh of a washing machine and the chug-chug of a train.

I’m healthy as a horse (according to the doc) and although I haven’t gained any weight yet, I shouldn’t worry. My mom didn’t gain any fat-storage weight with either my brothers or myself and weighed almost the same leaving the hospital after delivery as before she got pregnant. That in mind and the fact that I’ve always been very small (my parents had me tested when I was young to make sure nothing was wrong because I wasn’t growing!) might mean that I only gain 15 or so lbs over this entire pregnancy. The doc assured me that he has seen plenty of healthy babies who developed in a similar environment and were completely normal. I’m eating healthily and not exercising too much (that will never happen!) so just to keep doing what I’ve been doing. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been trying to get B to finish editing the 13 and 14 week photos so I can post those but we might skip right to 15 weeks. I think I still want to take the photos on the weekend since neither of us are available when the light is good during the week.


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