14 Weeks

I’m feeling… off today. My stomach has been sensitive, I have a headache, and I’ve randomly fallen asleep twice. I haven’t been able to keep much water down today, which I know isn’t helping the situation any.

B was gone for part of the week and got home around midnight last night. It made no-alarm Saturday even more awesome to have him there when I woke up.

In spite of still feeling like crap, I still got two loads of laundry done and watched about 3 movies. It makes the weekend that much better.

As I walked into the office yesterday, one of my coworkers stopped me to congratulate me about the wee parasite and also to tell me that she is about 10 days less pregnant that I am! I think she said her due date is October 5. I now know 3 other women who are all due within 1-5 weeks from me. Like most everything, it’s good to have someone to talk to about how nasty you’ve been feeling.

I have my 14 week checkup on Monday morning! I don’t know if I’ll schedule it this month or next month but we’re only about 5 weeks away from the big revealing ultrasound, should our child turn out to be enough of an exhibitionist. I can’t wait!


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